C19 Vials Ribbons are Microchip Connecting Highways That Develop In Days

C19 Vials Ribbons are Microchip Connecting Highways That Develop In Days

BREAKING NEWS: C19 Vials Ribbons are Microchip Connecting Highways That Develop In Days. New Stunning Darkfield Microscopy Images

Image: Ribbon connects to microchip with microwires

Dr. David Nixon called me earlier from Australia – he and Engineer Matt Taylor had a recorded zoom call evaluating darkfield microscopy of C19 Pfizer Vial contents that showed how the ribbons we see in the dried vial contents connecting like wires to the microchips.

David captured images of how the ribbons connect with the microchip, with discrete wire connections to different aspects of the chip.

Here is the link to their 2.5 hour session:

David Nixon, Matt Taylor, Ribbon highways microcchips

Another view showing wires connecting to parts of the microchip

This Ribbon grew in 2 days:


Microchip in different self assembly stages with optical light communication showing

Ribbon highway connecting micro chips

Ribbon making connection to micro chip with luminosity?

Details of Ribbon highway

Ribbon highway and Microchip

These are the same ribbons we see in live blood analysis of vaccinated and unvaccinated people and we are very concerned that these hydrogel artificial structures are causing the extensive clots seen by the embalmers.

Ribbon in vaccinated blood

Ribbon in unvaccinated blood

Karen Kingston showed the patents explaining the hydrogel etiology of the large clots found:

The Kingston Report
The Film ‘Died Suddenly’ Lacks Scientific Evidence that COVID-19 Vaccines Cause Mysterious Blood Clots, according to Forbes
Stew Peters’ documentary Died Suddenly premiered on Monday, November 21, 2022, and has reached over 10 million views in less than one week. Despite its success, the film has been met with less than rave reviews from the mainstream media and even some harsh critique from the alternative media and expert influencers…
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Here is the specific patent:


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