Call it sloppiness

Call it sloppiness

“Died Suddenly” update: Stew Peters lost all credibility for including footage from a heart surgery that happened in 2019

We always try and maintain neutrality when evaluating content from creators trying to expose the vaccine genocide. Our original review gave the Stew Peters documentary “Died Suddenly” 6.7 out of 10 stars. But we updated that to 5.7 out of 10 stars because Peters completely excluded Dr. Jane Ruby from the documentary. She’s the one who first broke the story of the plastic/rubber clots. But the fallout is getting worse.

The 52-minute mark of “Died Suddenly” features a doctor pulling, what Peters implies, is a post-injection blood clot from a beating heart. But that clip is from an April 1, 2019 video produced by Florida heart surgeon, Dr. Erik Beyer. Obviously that is long before the mRNA and viral vector DNA injections were available to the public.

We created a side-by-side video of the infringing clip, with Dr. Beyer’s footage on the left and Peters’ plagiarized propaganda on the right.

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