CAMS changes their “interpretation” of methane data

CAMS changes their “interpretation” of methane data

I have been moving away from routine reporting of Arctic ice and methane largely because it is fraught and I realised at the end of the melt season that most of the official reporting is nothing less than distortion. 
Now, following on from COP-26 we have CAMS moving from a “o-suite” to an “e-suite”, something they explain in pure bureaucratic jargon that leaves one none the wiser.
Presumably, the levels were not being reflected correctly so now we have things looking worse from one day to the next.
Apart from things looking worse in total column and at 500 hPa we have large amounts of methane from Western Europe.
I can understand large concentrations of methane coming from China and from the bogs of China, but from Europe??!
I am left confused and more than a little mistrustful about this as I was by earlier changes in the colour ledger which were designed to make things look better.
Has this been a bureaucratic (rather than a truly scientific) change? 
Surely data is data.
How can it be “reinterpreted”?  I am absolutely convinced that things in the cryosphere are deteriorating rapidly and this is being kept from us, but there is so much happening with an actual genocidal program that I am being kept busy with that so I find myself moving away from attempting to make sense of it all.
We are swimming in a sea of lies so unless there is something truly dramatic and actual I feel disinclined to move away from this.
How we discern the truth now that not only the narrative but now, also the data, is largely false is beyond me.
Thanks to Margo for trying to make sense of it all,

Methane, Sea Ice, & Climate Weekly Roundup with Margo (Dec. 12, 2021)

Read their document HERE

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