1. Is Robin trying to get a rise out of his Kanadian readership?

    This is the Province of Saskatchewan’s declaration of public health emergency (in order to deal with the great stress currently on Covid-19-related medical services), made by order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council back more than a month ago on 13th September 2021. There is no mention of anything ‘martial-law’-related to this order, It’s possible medical personnel of Canada’s reserve forces may be called on to help, or pilots perhaps provide logistical support airlifting patients to out-of-province facilities. Listening to more than 10 CBC newscasts a day, have not heard a single mention of ‘martial law.’

    One place where martial law may be in force now is Taiwan (aka: Republic of China). That was the case when my soul brother, SolAmigo, visited there in the 1980s. The military were everywhere, he said, though the law was eventually eased. However, with China over the recent while ramping up its harassment campaigns, I wouldn’t be surprised if Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen has brought back martial law (because there is definitely a pro-PRC faction active on the island). And I must emphasize here that Taiwan now has its best head of state ever, presently displaying great leadership. She’s a Virgoan, and has a really sharp critical and analytical mind reinforced by practical smarts,

    As for Robin’s previous mention of Chinese troops on Canadian soil (in British Columbia, even) … not a single mention ever, neither on MSM or in alternative media !!!

    However (and this is an eye-brow-raising ‘however’), I heard with my own ears on CBC Radio, that PM Justin Trudeau earlier in 2021 tried to get his party, the Liberals, interested in supporting an invitation to China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to send troops to participate in some sort of training exercise (do not recall exact description of this hair-brained effort). Members of his party must have thought he had momentarily lost his mind.

    That news was not likely an auditory hallucination on my part, but a real one-off anomalous event… of the type our PM is capable of promoting (years before being elected to office, he once attended a costume party made up in ‘black face.’ for which instance remains an historical photographic record). More recently, he called a snap election in the middle of a pandemic, but getting nowhere with it, his government ending up in the same pre-election minority conundrum, while taxpayers are strapped with a $600 million bill for his unwise decision. Then, come 30th of September 2021, Canada’s first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, instead of meeting with Indigenous leaders, Trudeau took a holiday trip with his family to Vancouver Island — another Justin event that hit the national news big time.

    Memory’s a little hazy, but I thought Robin had been picking up that our PM was oddly China-friendly (notwithstanding the recent long detention of Hwawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou [sp?] in Vancouver on an extradition request from Washington). Trudeau, though espousing Liberal values, may, like his father, have hidden marxist sentiments. Actually, former PM Pierre Elliot Trudeau in his younger days held some admiration for the CCP under Mao Zedong, and, in fact, once went so far as to visit China to see how the cultural revolution there was getting along.

    Again, regarding Chinese troops present on Canadian soil — no, at least not in uniform. On this matter, my friend let out something very interesting, and those with possible concerns on this subject should also be all ears. One day a few years back, while in town, he saw two men of Asian appearance get out of an old Ford pickup. My friend is very ‘sensitive’ and he ‘sees’ things. He ‘knew’ they were northern Chinese of military background. They were in civilian clothing, very tall and strong, and had that ‘demeanour.’ And he ‘saw’ they were ‘up to no good.’

    OK, so what were they doing in northern British Columbia? Definitely not hunting bear for gall bladder, or paws. My friend told me straight out: They were quietly reconnoitering!!!

    There’s a whole lot more that can be said about the ubiquitous non-legitimate mainland Chinese presence in Canada, whether in human flesh, or proxy form (not sure if that’s a good way to put it). And btw, Canada is the second largest country in the world, after the Russian Federation. But China outnumbers Canada people-wise 40 to 1!

    Finally, back around 2008 when Richard Fadden was director of CSIS (our intelligence service), half of their budget went to China issues (a fact let out by a retired insider)!

    1. Martial law is still a possibility. The compliance of Canadians might not require. “Martial Law.”
      As the nation has been following illegal mandates already.
      I’d be more worried about your crazy neighbor, who thinks you are a leper carrying anthrax.

      As the apartheid state increases there will be snitches and people who “just follow orders.”
      No need for the Chinese. They have enough to deal with.
      Also above 58 degrees North in Canada is extremely cold.

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