Car bomber is member of Azov battalion

Car bomber is member of Azov battalion

Alleged Car Bomber Identified – Ukraine Nazi WOMAN – Member of Azov (NAZI) Battalion!

The Russian FSB says:
►the woman and her teenage daughter, Sophia Shaban, arrived in Russia on July 23.
►The assailant allegedly spent a month preparing the attack by renting an apartment in the same housing block and researching Dugina’s lifestyle.
►The assailant allegedly attended the “Tradition Festival” event outside Moscow on Saturday evening where Dugina and her father were also in attendance.
►After allegedly detonating the bomb and killing Dugina, the assailant fled Russia via Pskov, into Estonia.

A Mini Cooper vehicle was reportedly used to spy on Dugina before the bombing.

License plate numbers were reportedly changed on that vehicle three times; with plates from Donetsk (DPR), Kazakhstan, and Ukraine all used at various times on it.

The car was put up for sale online in an ad in Kiev, shown below, allegedly placed by a man named Danil Shaban – believed to be a family member of the assailant.

Danil Shaban is thought to be a member of the Azov Battalion as he was photographed participating in sporting events with AZOV Battalion.

So on the surface, the daughter of a prominent Russian Intellectual, Alexander Dugin, was blown up, allegedly by a Ukrainian Nazi Azov Battalion WOMAN.

Fly Like an Eagle, Darya Dugina (Pepe Escobar)

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