Cases are exploding across NZ

Cases are exploding across NZ

Just in from NZDSOS doctor:

Just spoke to one of my pals who is working for the ministry of health – cases have exploded across NZ now, approaching thousands, expected to mushroom into massive numbers in the next week or two. They aren’t even bothering contact tracing anyone, they’re too overwhelmed. People are given the option to download the location info from their app if they want to but is optional. Vast majority of positives are vaxxed. Meanwhile in Nelson Marlborough at least, ED is running at 120% with no covid cases at all.

There is a new ‘covid ED’ but no monitoring in the rooms which are old clinic rooms and not in view of any sort of nursing station. It’s far away from the main ED hub. They are so short on nurses post mandate that they are pulling in non clinical staff to quickly retrain and also new grads who did so badly in their final year that they were allocated to rest homes.

All the ED cleaners were sacked and there are no new ones doing it in their place. The doctors snd nurses have been asked to clean as they go. There is blood on trolleys, dirty floors etc. IN NZ!!!

That’s just one hospital and I’m hearing the same all over the country.

Makes me so intensely grateful to have been sacked!!!

Hold onto your hats over the next few weeks!!!

❤️love to all xx

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