Cashless society in New Zealand – here we come!

Cashless society in New Zealand – here we come!

This came as a comment on Facebook

I don’t know if any of you are aware about this.

In November last year parliament gave only 72 hours to put in a submission about moving to central digital banking and a cashless society. I put in a submission against it. I received confirmation that my submission had been received and I have heard no further outcome.

I went into Kiwibank before Christmas to open up a bank account for my young grandson and was told they’re not opening up any new accounts until ‘green light’.

I thought this was odd and in the new year I went back and spoke to my bank manager who confirmed they were not opening new accounts.

I asked if this had anything to do with this proposed central digital banking and that I’d put in a submission against it and he said yes.

I had to ask a lot of questions because he wasn’t all that forthcoming at first but he admitted it is happening and could start as early as next month (February).

I asked about cash and he said you’ll still be able to deposit it but that it will be phased out.

I can’t help but feel that this was the sole purpose of the vaccine passports, they’re a digital identity passport, it has nothing to do with our health.

In places like China where this system of banking is in place they also use a social credit scoring system where they score you 1 to 4, the highest being you get the best jobs and your kids get preference to the best schools, the lowest being you can have all your qualifications stripped from you and denied food and services.

This is my fear of where we could be headed.

One thought on “Cashless society in New Zealand – here we come!

  1. Am interested in what going cashless in Sweden has been like. Must check this out. It will take some doing to get this (including full-fledged vaccine passports) underway in Canada.

    The bigger the country and the populace, the more difficult to expedite. Will economic and societal collapse (which is where things are headed), will this grand destruction of systems make it easier, or the reverse?

    Any collapse will bring great chaos and confusion, and banking will be right in the middle of it.

    The threat of war will not disappear; rather it will increase, as Russia, and additionally, China and North Korea become militarily stronger.

    Communication satellites and undersea cables may be destroyed, and the internet not available, highly controlled, or made practically useless through cyber warfare.

    Long before such a situation is able to reach any meaningful level of severity, or critical mass, as we say, nuclear arsenals may be unleashed (at the beginning of each year, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists announces any adjustments to the Doomsday Clock, and this January it was set to 100 seconds before midnight).

    We will then definitely be well into ‘the end times.’ By then, the matter of ‘food’ will have become a dire issue of survival proportion.

    Will mankind, collectively, have enough sense to make a concerted effort in preventing the foregoing scenario from approaching reality???

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