CDC: Coronavirus can be spread by people who don’t show symptoms

CDC: Coronavirus can be spread by people who don’t show symptoms

can be spread 

by people who don’t show 

symptoms, CDC warns

Robert Redfield


February, 2020

can be spread through people who aren’t exhibiting symptoms of the
illness, the director of the Centers for Disease and Control and
Prevention said Thursday.

Robert Redfield confirmed reports out of China that the virus can
spread when the person is still asymptomatic, according to CNN.

been good communication with our colleagues to confirm asymptomatic
infection, to confirm asymptomatic transmission, to be able to get a
better handle on the clinical spectrum of illness in China,”
Redfield told the outlet.

said it’s not known how much the asymptomatic cases are
contributing to the spread of the virus — which has sickened more
than 60,000 people worldwide — but the discovery is concerning.

I’ve learned in the last two weeks is that the spectrum of this
illness is much broader than was originally presented. There’s much
more asymptomatic illness,” he said.

added that a number of confirmed cases presented with just a “little
sore throat.”

comments come as the agency confirmed the 15th case of the
coronavirus in the US.

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