CENSORED interview with Celeste Solum

CENSORED interview with Celeste Solum

 This video was censored by You Tube WITHIN HOURS.

Celeste Solum The Hidden 

Truth You Must See Interview

Jason Liosatos Outside The Box

From comments – 

This talk is just incredible. As a macromolrcular crystallographer I myself attended few of those Asilomar Conferences, always with the inner confidence of hope for doing something good for humanity, but always with a question why so deep into the atomic word, what for all this?? Strange that I never grasped the truth (a completely brainwashed scientist), until my partner got cancer and every scientist/friend around turned away, claiming it’s not the drugs which were killing him, including all the big structure determination bosses at Pfizer, Novartis, Takeda… After my partner died the world was lost for me, never got it back, except for the understanding that we all are being lied to so deeply, so terrible, for so long, that we should do everything in our power to get the truth out there, A.S.A.P., NOW, otherwise those who have the luck to have children, will be responsible for erasing their future forever, due to covid scam, fraud, murder.

If indeed we got so many nanoparticles in every single blood cell, then it is no wonder that 5G or even lower frequencies are clumping the blood of all ‘covid-19’ patients. Every single iron atom can do it already… Every single nano with an electric/magnetic dipole moment is absorbing all the radiation around, reorienting themselves and becoming ‘attractive’ to each other, i.e. clumping..

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