Censprship by Chat GPT

Censprship by Chat GPT

I spent a little while considering using editing tools for my writing. The answer I got was a choice betweeen Grammarly or Chat GPT. I decided to give Chat GPT a try so put in some completely innocuous text about my early life, about life at school and horseriding and this is the response I got back. 

Here is the clarification I got back from Chat GPT.

So. it appears I am not allowed to edit my book on Chat GPT. I suppose I’ll have to try Plan B

2 thoughts on “Censprship by Chat GPT

  1. Maybe you mentioned the Sex/Gender, of yourself or the horse…
    Perhaps you said something about schooling, that is/was normal. But has become taboo/rare/”wrong.”
    Gender duality. That’s a flag these days. I jest, but Horse riding and School?!
    I can’t even imagine what could be “offensive.”

    Bill C-11 (Internet Censorship) has passed in Canada. I assume they will be/are using tech like this to censor. There aren’t enough people working in the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. (CRTC) Which is the regulatory body determining how the new rules will be enforced.

    1. I remember saying the “Lord’s prayer” in school. There were lots of Islamic people. They just sat quietly. Also some people opted their children out. J. Witnesses.
      It was 1 minute. It was removed during my time in school. Now it’s taboo.
      Maybe even my school experiences could be flagged.

      Unrelated but, in 1972 the Canadians and Soviets had a hockey game series. They rolled the TV’s out in schools for everyone to watch. Meanwhile in 2001, 9/11. They rolled out the TV’s to watch 9/11 coverage. I know it had an effect on my mind, as a child.

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