CERN is opening up tomorrow

CERN is opening up tomorrow

I started watching a Christian video about CERN starting up tomorrow. Instead of switching off I delved a bit further.

LHC Run 3: physics at record energy starts tomorrow

The Large Hadron Collider is ready to once again start delivering proton collisions to experiments, this time at an unprecedented energy of 13.6 TeV, marking the start of the accelerator’s third run of data taking for physics

3D cut of the LHC dipole
3D cut of the LHC dipole (Image: CERN)

A new period of data taking begins on Tuesday, 5 July for the experiments at the world’s most powerful particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), after more than three years of upgrade and maintenance work. Beams have already been circulating in CERN’s accelerator complex since April, with the LHC machine and its injectors being recommissioned to operate with new higher-intensity beams and increased energy. Now, the LHC operators are ready to announce “stable beams”, the condition allowing the experiments to switch on all their subsystems and begin taking the data that will be used for physics analysis. The LHC will run around the clock for close to four years at a record energy of 13.6 trillion electronvolts (TeV), providing greater precision and discovery potential than ever before.

CERN—looking for God particle, or opening portals of hell?

LESSON: We should not be playing with these energies – but we are!

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