Chalk and cheese

Chalk and cheese

While I expend a lot on energy trying to educate people of reality my own brother is trying to get people get injected with a poison.


In the 13 months of the pandemic I have never heard of anyone dying from covid-19 or even being “diagnosed”.

However, since the start of the vaccination drive we have had three cases of people in our social circle dying or falling ill in a way that arouses suspicion:   

  • A neighbour had to be urgently taken into hospital with a bleeding problem after giving birth;
  • Someone who was in his early-80’s but otherwise healthy suffered a pulmonary embolism and died;
  • Another healthy friend in his 60’s has been taken into hospital, presumably with a sudden drop in his iron count and is currently in an induced coma.

In none of these cases do we know the details and whether or not they received the vaccine or (especially in the first case) was around others that might have had the jab. 

Just to show that I am not rushing to judgement we have had had two people die recently; one succumbed to bone cancer; the other died at the age of 97 (and we know they did not receive the jab.

I personally do not think that this is all one big coinkydink;  I do not subscribe to what I call the Theory of Infinite Coincidence.

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