Chatelle Baker: Facebook deleted us after we exposed their collusion with the New Zealand Government.

Chatelle Baker: Facebook deleted us after we exposed their collusion with the New Zealand Government.

Within two days of our video, which exposed collusion between the New Zealand Government and Facebook, they deleted our media companies’

Facebook page. Blatant censorship of dissent is happening right before your eyes. Why is it that not one political party is speaking up on the desecration of free speech happening in New Zealand?

Read the Government documents that exposed Facebook here –…

From an email

We have been digging. A lot. Never-ending official information act requests that we have submitted have resulted in government documents being sent to our team that directly highlighted how the Government was targeting our business’s Facebook page. We quickly put together a video exposing this, and then mere days later, Facebook took down our Facebook page.

We are one of the few media groups actively hunting down information using official channels that can expose the Government from their documentation.

Free speech advocates stayed silent; the opposition parties were silent, and the media was silent. Censoring of registered media companies that have not broken the guidelines is acceptable to these groups. Why? Well, they are scared. They are scared of the media vilifying them for protecting freedom of speech, afraid of their donors pulling funding if they stand up for speech they disagree with and scared of the public reaction.

However, we are anything but scared. This has re-energised our resolve. The fight has just begun for freedom of speech and freedom to challenge this corrupt Government’s views.

Our team sat down to talk about being silenced, and you can watch the video above. We are now looking at our legal options, and once we have concrete information about what is achievable, we may ask for your further support.

This is not a case just for Operation People. This is a case against this corrupt Government, corrupt corporations and the illegal silencing of unapproved dissent.

The opposition is nowhere to be found.

With an election year coming up, what will Labour implement to try and control the narrative and ensure re-election?

It’s time to stand up.


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