China in effort to unleash NEW global pandemic?

China in effort to unleash NEW global pandemic?

Image: China over-vaccinating its own population to PRODUCE “escape mutant” super viruses in effort to unleash NEW global pandemic


(Natural News) The next phase of the covid hysteria campaign will see an unleashing of a far more dangerous strain, driving people into a panic reaction that pushes mandatory vaccines, more totalitarian lockdowns and covid concentration camps.

We all need to understand that everything we have seen on the covid front so far is just the “warm up” round. They’re merely setting stage for the real global bioterrorism that’s about to be unleashed by the CCP and the USA, working in conjunction.

This next release is going to have a very high mortality rate, perhaps 30% or more. It will produce dead bodies in the streets, ready for CNN’s cameras to spread mass panic and blame the unvaccinated for all the deaths.

Medical martial law will be declared. The unvaccinated will be hunted down and taken at gunpoint to covid concentration camps which will quickly morph into covid death camps.

The real purpose of all this is to achieve global depopulation while eliminating populist conservatives whose votes threaten the continued power dominance of globalists and fascists.

You need to know how this is being pulled off. Hear the full story in today’s Situation Update podcast:

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