“China will control the production of semiconductors”

“China will control the production of semiconductors”

Forget mobiles, computers and more: China to beat the world’s most advanced chip manufacturing plant in Taiwan! – It will control the production of semiconductors…

Global supply chain chaos is coming

WarNews 24/7,

3 August, 2022

No. 1 target is for China the most advanced chip manufacturing plant in the world, located in Taiwan. Sooner or later this factory will become “inoperable”, which will plunge the global supply chain into chaos in America and Europe.

The result will be a global shortage of mobile phones, computers and brake sensors and more.

At the same time, Apple’s chip maker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) warned that a war between Taiwan and China would result in “everybody being a loser” as it would cause economic turmoil.

TSMC chief Mark Liu said earlier this week that the chipmaker, which is also the world’s largest semiconductor maker, would not be able to operate in the event of a Chinese invasion.

“No one can control TSMC by force. If you take military action or invade, you will render the plant inoperable,” he told CNN.

The company head explained that the factory is a sophisticated production facility and depends on real-time connectivity with the outside world, Europe, Japan and the US, on matters ranging from materials and chemicals to parts and software.

He therefore called on Beijing to think twice before taking any action, as China accounts for 10% of the plant’s operations.

Last year, the plant manufactured more than 60% of the world’s semiconductors. The head of the company called on all concerned to avoid war so that the engine of the world economy could turn.

At the same time, he said that we could learn from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, since the war caused losses both in the West and in Russia and Ukraine.

Global control of semiconductors

We recall what the Russians reported a few days ago as revealed by WarNews247

“..In addition, the share of Russia and China in the supply of a number of rare earth metals on the world market, some places of natural gas reaches 100 percent.

And if the issue of Taiwan is resolved positively (if the invasion succeeds) for the Chinese, more than 75% of semiconductor production will be concentrated in the hands of one country.

That is, in terms of the prospects of our relations, China is now a very interesting story.

This suggests that in the near future we can expect an inflow of yuan cash into the banks of the Russian Federation. And the problems with getting them will become less and less….”

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Dollar End: Russia-China Trades & Russian Yuan Bank Deposits – ‘Taiwan Gives Us Global Semiconductor Control’

China Imposes Embargo and Sanctions on Taiwan – Suspends Imports and Exports of Products

China took the first step against Taiwan by imposing an embargo on the island and imposing sanctions against its institutions. According to information, the embargo is expected to be extended, creating a climate of economic suffocation in Taiwan.

It is the first step before launching an attack.

Specifically, according to CNN, China announced the suspension of fruit and certain fish imports from Taiwan, as well as the export of natural sand to the island.

China’s Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang said today that imports of grapefruit, lemons, oranges and other citrus fruits and some fish from Taiwan to China have been suspended.

The authorities invoked the precautionary measures for Covid.

Meanwhile, China’s Ministry of Commerce also announced that it is immediately suspending the export of natural sand to Taiwan.

It is a key raw material for the manufacture of semiconductors, one of the main export products of the island.

For its part, Taiwan announced that the suspension of sand exports from China will have little effect as demand has fallen to 1% in recent years.

This is not the first time that China has announced restrictions on imports of products from Taiwan. Last year, Beijing banned imports of pineapples and apples. But the situation is completely different.

Earlier this year, it also banned the import of grouper, citing the detection of some banned drugs and excessive antibiotics.

At the same time, Beijing will impose sanctions on two institutions from Taipei, banning their financial cooperation with mainland Chinese companies and individuals, said Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office.

These are the Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and the Fund for International Cooperation and Development, according to what Ma said.

Dollar End: Russia-China Trades & Russian Yuan Bank Deposits – ‘Taiwan Gives Us Global Semiconductor Control’

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