China’s stratospheric airship “Yuanmeng (Dream)”

China’s stratospheric airship “Yuanmeng (Dream)”

1. As early as 2015, #CCP successfully flew its stratospheric airship “Yuanmeng (Dream)”.
It has continuous power, can monitor the ground 10 times better than satellites, act as a #wartime communication support & attack platform, and is difficult for missiles
2. and aircraft to reach & attack, according to this propaganda video.
Yuanmeng is the pronunciation of the Chinese word 圆梦, which means “a dream comes true”.
Hasn’t #XiJinping always talked about his “#ChinaDream”? The name of this stratospheric airship reflects 
3. the #CCP’s “dream” to conquer the world.
You know what? While the West calls #ChineseSpyBalloon a “balloon”, the CCP has been using “#airship” (飞艇) to refer to the flying object that was shot down by the #US
4. In 2015, the CCP successfully flew and retrieved its “#Yuanmeng (Dream)”. Do you think it won’t be able to control and fly a “#balloon” to the US 8 years later? 

By the way, this #Yuanmeng (Dream) airship was jointly developed by #Beijing Nanjiang Air & Space Technology Co(北京南江空天科技股份有限公司) and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics(北京航空航天大学), according to this People’s Daily report:

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