Chinese spy balloon carried EXPLOSIVES to destroy itself

Chinese spy balloon carried EXPLOSIVES to destroy itself


Chinese SPY BALLOON is actually an EMP weapons platform

Capitol Hill Is In Bed With The CCP And America’s Sputnik Moment

This Is The Real Significance Of The “Chinese Spy Balloon” Saga…

It took a balloon for millions of Americans to finally realize that we really are on the brink of war with China.  When a four-star general recently warned that we would be fighting a war with China in 2025, that didn’t create too much of a stir.  And when U.S. Representative Michael McCaul stated that odds of a war between the United States and China over Taiwan are “very high”, that barely made a blip in the news cycle.  But the giant “spy balloon” that just floated across our country really got people fired up.  Despite the fact that China has been relentlessly spying on us in countless other ways for years, many of our leaders are suddenly acting as if some huge change just happened.  They are issuing all sorts of very angry statements and they are demanding action from the Biden administration.  Meanwhile, the Chinese are pissed that we just shot down their “civilian airship” and they are warning that they have “the right to respond further”.

What this means is that we are now closer to war with China than we have been in decades.

And that is the real significance of this entire saga.

Watch: Rand Paul Slams “Very Very Weak” Biden For “Dithering For Days” Over Chinese Balloon

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

Senator Rand Paul tore into the Biden administration Sunday for “dithering for days” over the Chinese balloon and allowing it float the entire width of the country before shooting it down.

Appearing on Fox News, Paul urged that “This looks very, very weak in the eyes of our enemy, and I think it was a huge mistake.”

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