Chris Martenson interviewed

Chris Martenson interviewed

This was an important interview that took me back to some of the themes I started with my blog 10 years ago and which haven’t gone away. 

This is nuanced and systems thinking which is beyond most of the people commenting on this video.

Even though, because of my training, I gravitate towards the Terrain Theory (as opposed to the Germ theory) I find some of the people pushing this position divisive and one-eyed.

Dr. Chris Martenson Interview – COVID Mass Psychosis & Gov Lies Are Creating An Authoritarian Future

COVID Psychosis

Joining me today (12/17/21) is Dr. Chris Martenson, here to discuss the many different lies surrounding the COVID-19 narrative and how these lies created a mass psychosis in a large portion of the population. This then led to the abuse of that psychosis (ironically under a guise of health) to drive the masses into accepting an authoritarian future, which they are now being convinced is not only in their best interest but also a foregone conclusion — so we should just resign ourselves to their New Normal™.

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