Christine Legarde: “Old people live too long..”

Christine Legarde: “Old people live too long..”

“…And this is a risk for the economy”

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2 May, 2022


In the height of hypocrisy of “for the children” the World Economic Forum is now complaining about overpopulation and/or suggesting that older people consider euthanasia “for the children”. In a video seen on Twitter full of geriatrics saying they’ve had a good life after explaining there’s too many humans on the planet. The video suggests that elderly folks who no longer are productive should opt for euthanasia. I’m certain children all over the world are thankful their grandparents will be suggested to off themselves for their benefit.

And while it is couched in “for the children” narrative, the truth of the matter is much more sinister. Christina Lagarde of the International Monetary Fund has been quoted as saying, “Old people live too long and this is a risk for the global community. What Christine is saying in effect is, unless you are a productive member of society your entire life, you don’t deserve to live. Christine, with her white hair, manicured nails, and designer clothing probably never worked a manual job a day in her life. She would like to tell our senior citizens who defended this country, grew our food, built machines and trucks, mined coal, drilled oil, and worked on the railroad that now that they are no longer useful, they should just die. It is psychopathy to look at a person who has worked 30, 40, 50, and sometimes even 60 years, at the end of their life when they should be enjoying the twilight hours left for them and tell them they just need to die because they are a drain on the global community.

How have we allowed these people to get so far so fast to attack our most vulnerable? 40 plus years ago when they allowed abortion to kill the most innocent among us, many people said it would eventually end up to terminating the elderly as well. There were lots of handwaving and dismissal of that argument. However, 40 plus years on, we see that that is exactly what they are planning on doing. This, after a worldwide pandemic from a bioweapon produced by our own government within China which targeted specifically, it seems, the elderly and infirmed. They now want senior individuals who no longer “produce” enough to justify their life to opt for euthanasia.

6 thoughts on “Christine Legarde: “Old people live too long..”

  1. I said to my sister maybe 20 years ago that I believed they would be euthanizing the elderly by the time we got there. We’re both nearing the end of middle-age.

    The elderly did their time. They worked jobs that maybe they disliked or didn’t pay at all well or wore down their bodies. They do deserve years of relaxation, which even then becomes more difficult with infirmities they may have accumulated over the years or having to get by on less than a reasonable income. You’ll think so too when you get there.

    I don’t think any of these elites will be volunteering to off themselves when they’re old.

  2. Christine Legarde was born on Jan 1, 1956. She is not a Spring chicken by any means, so she should be one of the ones exterminated. In fact, make her the first one. She can show us how it’s done.

  3. perhaps this old dried prune could start the ball rolling, along with the rest of the so-called elite Soros,shwab,,rockerfellas and those of that ilk all fossils with nothing but money on their aged minds,consumed by greed , give their billions to others, me I am 82 and have no intention of following this dried prunes advice

  4. Why doesn’t the Lagarde lead by example as I bet she’s never really done anything for humanity other than line her pockets.

    Who wants to see or hear what that microwaved troll has to say, except her fellow misanthropes.

  5. It looks like Ms Lagarde’s work ethic is in accord with her thinking on longevity. That, for the sake of the economy, people shouldn’t stick around too long in old age. So, as a workaholic, she’s working herself to an early grave. Already at around 63, all her hair is ghost-white; skin can continue to wrinkle.

    An astrologer friend says Lagarde is just turning a major corner in her life, and probably the last 2 or 3 years have been very stressful, with another year or two still of demanding changes. The current time for her is lining up with alarming trends in global finance, during a period my friend has termed “The Age of Emergency.” And I do recall she is now head of the European Central Bank.

    As a French female personage of considerable note, she must no doubt see a bit of irony in the fact that France has 2 of history’s top supecentanarians. A woman named Jeanne Calmant, now deceased, had set the world record of an astounding 122 years and a few months. And there’s a male whose name I’m not familiar with, nor with whether he’s still living, but he’s right up there at 118 years.

    If Lagarde eased up some to stay around for 60 more years, she would break Jeanne Calment’s record.

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