Claims of “duress” by Christchurch shooter

Claims of “duress” by Christchurch shooter

Christchurch terrorist claims he only pleaded guilty ‘under duress through torture’

1 December, 2022

The Christchurch mosque gunman who killed 51 people in 2019 claims he only pleaded guilty “under duress through torture”.

The Court of Appeal confirmed last month that Brenton Tarrant had filed an appeal against his conviction and sentence.

On Thursday, the Herald was granted access to his appeal application.

Under the question what were the grounds for his appeal the terrorist claimed “I only entered a guilty plea under duress through torture”.

He did not have a lawyer acting for him, and said his appeal was out of time due to a “variety of reasons”.

“Held under illegal and torturous prison conditions, necessary legal documents withheld from myself, fallout with previous lawyers, irrationality brought on through prison conditions”, he claimed.

The Australian national was also asked about the nature and complexity of the issues raised by his appeal. He replied: “myriad and far-reaching, implicates many people, and is of international significance”.

At the end of the notice it asks for the signature of appellant or lawyer, the terrorist wrote: “Cannot use signature, as Corrections blocks my letters if I do”.

In response to the gunman’s claims, a Corrections spokesperson said he continued to be managed in accordance with the relevant legislation and international obligations for the treatment of prisoners.

What if he is correct?

Max Igan clearly shows in his analysis that Tarrant had co-conspirators.

He was not a sole shooter

Max Igan – NZ Hoax Claims Analysis
An analysis on the claims being made in regard to the Christchurch shooting of March 15th, 2019
You may need to use a VPN or the Tor browser to view the video

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