Clif High: They Want To Kill You | The Delingpod

Clif High: They Want To Kill You | The Delingpod

I have only just discovered Clif High and what he has to tell the world.

I would say that this is for people with “little dust in the eyes” and is likely to be as accurate as any predictions in the human sphere can be.

Clif High is a computer scientist, linguist and enthusiastic futurist who has been credited as the founder of the Predictive Linguistics field.

Clif believes we can write our futures through the uses of language.

We are vibrating at 22 trillion times a second. I’ve come close to touching the void says Clif, we have to jump the gap of The_Void. I’m sure even James was startled by some of Clif’s revelations about multiple death, heaven and hell, good and evil. It’s all about the pulse, The_Void, and simulated realities. This was some quantum level stuff from Clif. He even corrects Einstein.

“I’m not giving ‘Hopium’, I’m not saying that we’re all going into ‘The Wizard of Oz land’ as of any particular day, I’m saying we’ve got a very long hard, years of suffering, years of deprivation, years of shortages, years of your life changing until you will no longer even remember what we used to call Normal, and in that process of going through the agony, the suffering and the death, we will become a free humanity and that will be worth it.”

Clif High

As always with the Delingpod, this one was an out of the box ride with some thrilling and enlightening swerves. Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Clif High: They Want To Kill You | The Delingpod

  1. Cliff is very smart but he’s wrong about the “woo”. There is no reincarnation. It is appointed unto man ONCE to die and after this the judgement. There is a real physical heaven and hell. Astrology is evil and so is new age philosophy. Read a Gods Word! Jesus said IAM THE way THE truth and THE life. No man comes to the father EXCEPT through me!!!

    1. You’re expressing your personal belief as if it was fact. Early Christian’s beliefs differed from yours. You’re believing only what members of a corrupt institution have told you.

  2. Clif High has been dead on in his comments from the beginning of my following his broadcast (2019). As a consequence I take 5000 i.u.’s of Vit. D daily, large amounts of Vit.
    C and have been on chaga + Staments 7 since early 2020. Thanks God, I am not immunized but suspect I may have contracted Covid 19 but if so no symtons! Thank you Clif and keep on writing and speaking for us. Keep up the vigilance and reporting…I am 73 yrs. young and alive thanks be to Clif and good advice.

  3. I first came across Clif High when reading the site run by George Ure in E. Texas. 15 or more years ago. It was before Aceh and George was impressed enough to mention the results of his early linguistic searches: floods, tsunami. Then Aceh and Fukushima.
    Standing waves are usually mentioned when sonics are considered, but it also applies to electromagnetism, which is just a variation in the universal pressure. So, all objects have standing waves surrounding them, usually several layers. But all matter is made of EM, ie energy, so all is connected.
    He shocked so many that he has a few known imitators now.
    As always, what is found depends on what is sought?

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