Col. MacGregor: “Game Over” in Ukraine

Col. MacGregor: “Game Over” in Ukraine

Colonel MacGregor: Game Over – Zelensky will cede territory and fall prey to Ukrainian nationalists

“Ukraine is on the verge of collapse”

"Civil war" in the USA - Douglas McGregor: "We are sending the Ukrainians to die without any hope - disastrous mistakes Biden"

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s stalemate will sooner or later lead him to either military defeat or serious concessions to Moscow, which will enrage nationalists, said Colonel MacGregor, a former adviser to the Pentagon chief, in an interview with Freedom.

According to him, Zelensky will strictly follow the instructions from the White House and the moment will come when he will be told that “the game is over” and that it is time to “come to terms with reality.”

Negotiations will be necessary, and as a result, Kyiv will inevitably have to make territorial concessions, McGregor said.

“There is an opinion that by accepting these terms, Zelensky will become a victim of radical nationalists.

I believe this is very likely. I can’t know for sure, but that would be an obvious outcome,” he said.

The colonel emphasized that Ukraine is on the verge of collapse.

And since many Ukrainians are being forced to leave the country due to problems with the electricity supply, this could turn into a new migration blow for the EU, he added.

At the same time, according to MacGregor, the Russian Armed Forces have impressive capabilities in terms of firepower and flexibility.

And anti-Russian sanctions, the colonel noted, are affecting Europeans more negatively, which together speaks to the need to “put an end to this as soon as possible.”

Ruthless Ukrainians bomb civilians

Retired US Army Colonel MacGregor has criticized the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a previous post, as he accuses them of bombing civilian infrastructure in the Donbass, in an interview with Grayzone.

“The Russians do not seek to harm civilians, but there is a lot of evidence from the other side, how HIMARS were used to hit civilians in Donetsk, Luhansk, Crimea, ” the military explained.

The actions of the Russian military are “prudent and meticulous,” MacGregor said.

“I was director of the allied operations center in the Kosovo campaign. There we had gone too far with the attacks, and now Russia, on the contrary, is doing very little to destroy,” he said.

On November 16, MacGregor, in an interview with Fox News, said that the Europeans are tired of sending money and equipment to the Ukrainian “black hole”.

That’s how he reacted to Pentagon chief Austin’s plans to meet with the leaders of 50 countries in order to get additional funding from them for Kyiv.

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