Commentary on Russia’s partial mobilisation

Commentary on Russia’s partial mobilisation

Alex Christeforou of the Duran is always my first point-of-contact

Russia, partial mobilisation. Shoigu, 300,000 reservists. Putin, this is not a bluff.

From Alexander Mercouris of the Duran

Putin Announces Partial Mobilisation, Additional 300k Russian Troops to Be Sent to Ukraine

This is from Andrei Martyanov, Soviet-educated military expert resident in the USA

About Partial Mobilization

In past years I have seen Yakov Kedmi on Russian television, Soloviev on Sunday

MOBILIZATION in Russia | Putin’s final warning to NATO | Donbas, Kherson & Zaporozhye referendum

Watch HERE

On episode 5 of the show we are joined by Yakov Kedmi, a Soviet born Israeli statesman and politician, ex-head of the NATIV Liaison Bureau, former officer of the Israel Defense Forces, veteran of the Yom Kippur War.

From Redacted with Clayton Morris

Putin just DESTROYED the NATO plan for a global great reset | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Russia’s President Putin exposed the NATO plan to destroy Russia’s sovereignty and announced a massive expansion of the war in Ukraine. The Fed raised interest rates pushing us towards a recession. People are hoarding groceries and basic necessities.

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