Comments on “a beautiful show of love”

Comments on “a beautiful show of love”

I have spent much of the past few days in shock at to what has been MADE to happen to our country.

We have been through lockdowns, police violence against peaceful protesters at Parliament and now this! 

We have a government and media aiding and abetting what are really violent fascist mobs and a good proportion of the population are being turned into intolerant bigots by lies and deception. 

In my view the following cartoon expresses things perfectly

Who was it that exhorted us to “be kind” while locking people down and punishing those who did not want to be “vaccinated”?

Jacinda Adern has done more than anyone in this country to divide this country and pit people against each other.

This is NOT the country I was born into.

NO visitor to be New Zealand need be treated like Posie Parker was. We never did and it is pure fascism (although, perhaps the more accurate description might be Maoism.

The lies and deception are exemplified by the following article. I have interspersed my own comments

No charges, arrests after protest against anti-trans speaker Posie Parker

No arrests have yet been made or charges laid after a large protest against an anti-trans activist’s event in Auckland’s Albert Park.

Why not?

Thousands gathered at the park rotunda on Saturday to protest Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull’s speaking event.

The protest came after Keen-Minshull, who goes by Posie Parker, was supported by neo-Nazi groups at her Melbourne speaking event.

I have written the truth behind what happened in Melbourne below.It was nothing more than a state psy-op


During her brief appearance in Albert Park, Keen-Minshull was doused with tomato juice by a protester who walked into the rotunda where the activist planned to speak.

She was escorted out of the park and was on a flight out of Auckland later on Saturday, having cancelled her plans to speak in Wellington the next day.

Despite her absence, large crowds gathered in Wellington and Christchurch in support of transgender people, who Keen-Minshull targets in her speeches and writing.

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson was also knocked down by a motorcyclist as she walked to the Auckland protest on Saturday

I  am sorry that Greens co-leader, Marama Davidson was run over but this is the reality of who she really is. She is in the government and says these things!  Dignity appears to be extinct.

“Inquiries in to any instances of offending are ongoing at this time. No arrests have been made or charges laid,” police said on Monday morning.

Protester Eli Rubashkyn, who was born intersex and is gender-nonconforming, said she had dropped the litre of juice on the controversial speaker.

Rubashkyn said she used tomato juice as a metaphor for the harm caused by Parker’s views on the transgender community.

A metaphor for harm?! It was nothing more or less than assault and he/she should have been charged with assault

Anti-trans agitator Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, was rushed from Albert Park under police and security escort after thousands of counter protestors surrounded and drowned out her attempt at speaking.
Anti-trans agitator Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, was rushed from Albert Park under police and security escort after thousands of counter protestors surrounded and drowned out her attempt at speaking.

“Trans people are under attack,” she said.

The video footage demonstrates just WHO was violent. It wasn’t those who met to defend women’s rights. But these days direct speech constitutes violence in the view of some.

This is “love” in action.

“Hate speech becomes violence against minorities.”

Rubashkyn, originally from Colombia, said Aotearoa had become a “haven” for her, and she couldn’t allow Keen-Minshull to take that away.

“I am so proud I dropped the juice, and I would do it again, and again – if I have to go to prison for one year, I am more than happy.”

Action from a Wellington rally backing trans rights in Civic Square.
Action from a Wellington rally backing trans rights in Civic Square.

Ahead of Keen-Minshull’s visit to New Zealand, rainbow community organisers filed a judicial review to have her entry barred, but it failed.

Speaking to Radio NZ on Monday, Auckland Pride’s former executive director Max Tweedie said organisers wanted the rally to be peaceful.

Tweedie himself did not organise the protest.

“Neo-Nazis were present in support of Parker, and they have been identified,” he said.

No one can ever deny deny the violence of the counter-protesters.

This is what a mob looks like 

Tweedie said tensions at the rally were high, but “we tried to prevent this from happening at all.

“We didn’t think that she should have been allowed in the country she because of the threat to public order.”

What happened to the tolerant New Zealand that welcomed all people who had not committed a REAL crime (as opposed to an Orwellian thought-crime

Tweedie said the protest overall was a joyous celebration.

A joyous celebration of violence and intolerance?

“Sure, there were a couple of times were absolutely tensions were running high. But this is what happens when you put someone who has come to this country with the intention of spreading hatred and division.

“It’s worth interrogating why in two of her rallies in Australia and New Zealand, neo-Nazis have shown in support of her ideologies. When you look back at Nazi ideology of the 1930s, those things are aligned in terms of aligning rainbow communities from public life.”

And, according to the Dominion Post (aka this was a “beautiful show of love”

This is coverage from Australian TV of the ” beautiful show of love”.

It features a brief interview with a friend of ours who turned up to t the event despite Posie Parker’s event being cancelled.She was doused with water by the people expressing their love, threatened and had to be escorted back to her car for her own safety.

“Beautiful show of love, indeed!

This is the reality behind the ” beautiful show of love”

Jordan Peterson’s comments are perfect even if he is a far-Right nazi (sic)

What does this say?

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