Comments on Guy McPherson

Comments on Guy McPherson

For me, the most interesting part of this story would be how Guy and Pauline decided that getting the covid vaccine would be a good idea. He needs to take us on a step by step journey via his reasoning on this. Otherwise I have no other option except to think that they were brainwashed, and I mean that literally… Guy was a high profile AGW proponent, and had all the evidence documented. Were they targeted by directed energy weapons? Who knows. But something happened.
Every hero has the fatal flaw. Did Guy fly too close to the sun? Did his ego sabotage his message? So many questions. So few answers.

  1. This thought occurred to me when Guy started behaving oddly by attacking “Hambone Littletail” shortly after he stayed at “The Mud Hut.” Hambone is extremely rude but can be charming when he wants to be, but he – like everyone else – was puzzled.

    I was put in mind of Paul Robeson, a black American singer who toured working class areas of Britain (including the coalfields) during the 1950s, advocating socialism. Robeson seems to have had some sort of mental health breakdown in the early 1960s which was attributed by some to the CIA putting hallucinogens in one of his drinks while on holiday in the Caribbean. Whether this was part of Robeson’s delusion or whether it really happened will never be known.

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  1. My own personal view based on observation but with no evidence is that something happened in Belize,whether it was the ‘stexting’ scandal or something else that led to Guy being compromised and he may have had visits from certain three-letter agencies. That would explain the change.

  2. The only thing that happened is that Guy is a scientist, an ecologist and evolutionary biologist.
    He is not scared of science that heals. Like most vaccines, we’ve all had polio and smallpox vaccines. Some of us even had rabies vaccine if we work with animals.
    The covid vaccine is now saving lives and preventing severe cases of covid thereby giving our nurses a break. Except for the covidiots who refuse to mask up or vaccinate.
    We are in Vermont which enjoys 80% vaccination rate, the lowest infection rate, and lowest death rate in the USA. Feeling very happy to among other intelligent, compassionate people who were diligent about wearing masks.
    As for Hangboned Little dick.
    Sam Mitchell is a misogynist, sexist pig. If only he were merely rude.
    He showed up uninvited, and still we welcomed him into Guy’s home. Then Sam proceeded to insult us and handed two steaks he brought for us women to cook. Like we were his personal cooks or something. What a pig.
    I grew up in Misogynist Greece but was never treated like this by any stranger there.
    On his youtube channel he continued to insult us two women with misogynistic and sexist terms I won’t repeat.
    You can fantasize all you like about your disgusting little pig of a misogynist
    Sam, but he’s not worthy of spit.

    I don’t know what lasers fried your brain Robin, but my heart goes out to Pam who has to live with your nonsense.

    1. Thank you for your interesting comment. I was having an extremely flat day and along came your comments and that lightened up my day and gave me something that I could laugh out loud about.

      I do wish you and Guy well in your quest to attain health-through-a-needle.

      I was a little perplexed by your comments about Hambone Littletail – I didn’t mention him.

      He comes up in my consciousness even less frequently than he does for ever – try, NEVER.

      Clearly he made quite an impression on you.

      Whatever “lasers” fried my brain they clearly affected Pam too. Perhaps it was chemtrails? Ha, ha!

    2. Mea culpa. How could I have been so silly, listening to:

      – a Nobel prize winner
      -a vice-president of Pfizer (the same way as Guy – you know – retired)
      -numerous vaccinologists
      -hundreds of doctors.

      I should instead, have listened to the words of the great “scientist, ecologist and evolutionary biologist” who knows so much more than anyone else.

      Please accept my apologies.

      P.S.Isn’t he actually a retired professor with qualifications in forestry management and evolutionary biology?

  3. At least we know Guy and Pauline are faithful readers of this blog!
    Their background in hospice training might come in handy soon – when people start dropping like flies from the vaxine.
    But I suppose true misanthropists Would in fact promote the vaxine. There are, after all, way too many humans. It’s not that I’m opposed to the great culling at the heart of this clusterfuck, I just don’t want the current ‘elites’ to be in charge of it.

  4. “Did his ego sabotage his message?”
    Bingo. And he’s now a high-functioning victim of betrayal from all quarters. It’s gotten pretty silly.

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