Comments on Rick Wiles and TruNews

Comments on Rick Wiles and TruNews

I have received the following comment that I have no intention of engaging with beyond some general comments:

In reply to Terry.

I used to listen to True News until a couple of years ago Rick and Doc were in China attendeding what was undoubtedly a ((cabal)) facilitated event about robotics future digital credit system aka the beast system. Rick the weasel said something to the effect whether you like it or not this agenda was going to happen and the 2 Rothchild stooges praised it! The video on YouTube had many comments to the effect of why are you pushing the beast system and the lack of enthusiasm for it. Next day the 2 stooges were livid, Rick called his his followers HOGS and he said he would not be slipping the HOGS anymore, because,I guess they questioned his obvious shilling for the synagogue of satan. He turned off the comments on his videos then moved from YouTube. I don’t know if this video can be found but surely someone else should remember this?? He is no better than a Hagee..his job is to coral all those wise to the synagogue of satan ..then guide them to the same end. I believe he would push the totally kosher jabs.

A few weeks agoI decided to post a brief comment about the sacking of Edward Szall from TruNews. Looking back, aside from the opportunity it gave me to have a lengthy conversation with Edward, I now regret that.

There has been quite a lot in the comments, including the above comment which I am deleting as toxic and unhelpful.

I have listened to Rick, Doc and Edward to several years and they have pulled me in because of the quality of their analysis. It has made me much more sympathetic to Christian viewpoints as I have realised that while a vast majority of Christians have accepted the narrative about COVID-19 the vast majority who have seen through the whole thing are Christians.

We are living through terrible times and so we need to remain very focused.

I shall continue to post TruNews on this blog as well as contributions from Edward Szall on the Stew Peters Show.  I am concerned only with what is and isn’t true and I am disinterested in judging people’s human failings.

Comments like the above I regard as trolling and taking us away from what is important, so I am as of now going to close the thread about TruNews and remove any further comments.

It would be my fervent hope that people who count themselves as Christian instead take a leaf out of this man’s leaf.

Happy Hour with Dr. T conversation with Dr. Hoffe

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  1. Noteworthy comment from Rick Wiles: “Daniel Andrews should remember two things: Benito Mussolini’s neck and Muhamar Gadaffi’s rectum.”

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