Comments on vaccine-induced AIDS in New Zealand

Comments on vaccine-induced AIDS in New Zealand

For me it is the greatest compliment when someone is moved to do their own research and offer comments to what I write.


This is from a friend, Daniel

I watched Guy Hatchard and Alia on VFF webinar at 8pm tonight.  Guy went into detail about the Vaccine induced Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS), and that for many of the gene therapy inoculated people, the new “operating system” that overrides the innate immune system – or frontline “T” cells function, even if that operating system (the messenger RNA transcribing the DNA) wanes over a several month period, there may be permanent damage left / done to the frontline immune system.  However, he also pointed out that there is no guarantee that the new operating system will even shut down after a several month period!  We now know from recent overseas studies, that Medsafe was advised by two “independent” scientists incorrectly in that the spike protein manufactured by the mRNA code, does not stay in the local injection site, and the mRNA code / spike protein does not break down to be safely reabsorbed by the body after a month or so once the body has mounted the induced immune response.

Simultaneously, I was also watching snippets of the Live Counterspin broadcast at 8pm tonight on Rumble, and Kelvyn mentioned the forecasts of excess mortality deaths this NZ winter period, if the patterns seen in Europe / US  studies (I think Guy mentioned one from Germany, and Israel) occur here, could be dire i.e. lots of excess deaths over 2021 and 2020 and 2019.

Dr. John Campbell, who recently did a presentation on the Pfizer “safety” data report and looked quite white-faced and stunned as he realised the numbers of vaccine deaths and adverse events that were admitted by Pfizer in its first data release, did an interesting review on the recent study published in the Lancet on excess mortality for the pandemic period 2020-2021 (2 years).

18 million excess deaths – YouTube

Here is the description from his YouTube clip:

The study was published March 10, 2022 by the Lancet.

Jan 1, 2020, to Dec 31, 2021

Estimate excess mortality from the COVID-19 pandemic, in 191 countries and territories, including 31 locations in low-income and middle-income countries, 12 states in India.


Data collected for pandemic period and past 11 years

All-cause mortality reports

Excess mortality over time was calculated as observed mortality minus expected mortality

Excess mortality = observed mortality -expected mortality 

Accounting for late registration,

Six models were used to estimate expected mortality

(statistical model for low data areas)


Findings, as measured by excess mortality

Reported worldwide COVID-19 deaths = 5·94 million,

We estimate 18·2 million

(17·1–19·6 million)

Global all-age rate of excess mortality due to the pandemic, 120·3 deaths per 100 000 of the population

Excess mortality rate exceeded 300 deaths per 100 000 of the population in 21 countries

Cumulative excess deaths due to COVID-19

India, 4·07 million

USA, 1·13 million

Russia, 1·07 million

Mexico, 798, 000

Brazil, 792, 000

Indonesia, 736, 000

Pakistan, 664, 000

Bangladesh, 413, 000

Peru, 349, 000

South Africa, 302, 000

Iran, 274, 000

Egypt, 265, 000

Italy, 259, 000

Australia – 18,100

NZ, – 827

Canada, 43,700

UK, 169,000


Excess mortality highest

Russia, 374·6 deaths per 100 000

Mexico, 433.6 per 100 000

Brazil, 186·9 per 100 000

USA, 179·3 per 100 000

UK, 126.8 per 100 000

Canada, 60.5 per 100 000

Australia, – 32.9 per 100 000

NZ, – 9.3 per 100 000


Ratio of excess mortality rate to reported COVID-19 mortality

A measurement of undercounting the true mortality impact of the pandemic

In high-income North America, the ratios were comparatively low

Morocco, 10

Egypt, 12·19

Sudan, 25·12

Afghanistan, 26·06

Yemen, 33·04

Canada, 1.44

US, 1.37

UK, 0.97



The full impact of the pandemic has been much greater than what is indicated by reported deaths due to COVID-19 alone.  Further research is warranted.


To distinguish excess mortality that was directly caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection, and the changes in causes of death as an indirect consequence of the pandemic.

I think that excess mortality may be the only measure we can actually use to attempt to record if indeed, the COVID inoculations trigger widespread deaths from VAIDS either 1, 2, or 3 years down the track.  However, I think we also need the age of death so the Years-of-Life-Lost from VAIDS can also be calculated.

Note, that both NZ and AUS had NEGATIVE EXCESS MORTALITY over the period of the Lancet published analysis.  (I recall NZ had -65% in 2020 alone according to the BMJ in an earlier article).  I haven’t read the Lancet study yet, however Dr. Campbell stresses the difference between the approx. 6M reported deaths versus the approx. 18M estimate from the statistical models used in this study, aren’t attributed.  So, while the study conclusion is that 18M is the true pandemic excess mortality (recorded deaths x a factor of 3) – these deaths might be due to the lockdowns, more violence at home, people afraid to access healthcare during the outbreak, delayed cancer diagnoses, or other pandemic measures.  I would imagine, for example, that deferred elective / urgent surgery plus mental health / suicides would account for a lot of those excess deaths not coded as COVID.  And although Dr. Campbell says that the COVID caused deaths is under-reported, I don’t agree how he could know that, or could trust the numbers that especially came out of the USA as hospitals were incentivised there with large Federal Payments, to code everything as a COVID death.  I even saw one news article where a tradesman fell off a ladder and died after hitting the pavement, and the hospital coded it as a COVID death because he had a positive PCR test a week or so beforehand, and they said he must have got groggy up the ladder from the virus, so that’s what killed him.  Unbelievable.

Dr. Campbell goes on to mention the average age of death in the UK attributed to COVID is 82.5 yrs, and around 83% of those that died had one or more comorbidity.  So, surely that must be quite close to the average life expectancy.  From a Years-of-Life-Lost measure, the so-called “COVID pandemic”, is – as Ivor Cummins has brilliantly pointed out – a massive distortion when compared to the Spanish Flu or other disasters like WWI and WWII, where lots and lots of young people died and the Years-of-Life-Lost was far, far higher than COVID.  Ivor has gone on to say that the deaths and/or disabilities from the inoculation that occur from vaxx mandates in younger people will be much higher than those years lost by those who actually died from COVID i.e. as we know, the mandates were completely immoral and failed the risk/benefit test.

I recall seeing somewhere (it might be that lawyer looking into the US Military Deaths database, or that former BlackRock investment analyst) the excess mortality emerging in late 2021 / 2022, is beginning to stratify i.e. the working age group – NOT the retired age group – is seeing the largest increases in excess death.  And this is being seen now, because the insurance industry is of course looking at this situation every day, as its their core business.  From a Years-of-Life-Lost measure, this is really, really bad.  And I think this excess mortality study in the Lancet is all the poorer for it – using absolute death numbers is pretty meaningless unless you can also calculate the Years-of-Life-Lost.

I do agree with Dr. John Campbell that more research is warranted.  Also, I could argue one interpretation is that a lot more people died from the Public Health Response and medical counter measures to the Pandemic, than those actually reportedly killed by SARS-CoV-2.  The big elephant in the room not mentioned by Dr. Campbell is the unknown impact of universal low-cost early treatments.  How many of the reported COVID deaths could have been avoided?  Dr. McCullough et al. estimated up to 85% of the reported deaths in the US could have been avoided.  And were the unscientific, medical counter measures such as strict lockdowns, social distancing and mask wearing, required if we had access to low-cost early treatments?

As we know, various cover stories are already being implemented to manipulate the narrative around VAIDS.  With adverts suddenly appearing warning about the dangers of certain activities increasing your risk of heart attack etc.  Given the corruption in science and statistics / reporting, and attribution theory, and the broken information commons, we’re probably only going to be able to discern some semblance of the truth from alt-media, and anecdotal evidence from people we know.

One theme already emerging is a market for reversing spike protein damage; and this demand will probably only get higher as more people in NZ may struggle to get over the common cold etc. as winter hits.  Or the controllers might just label it “long COVID syndrome”….

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