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  1. I’ve been following you for a few years after watching you on youtube. I enjoyed hearing your opinion. You posed questions and responses to videos, I had/have similar views on.

    I’m banned from YT. It’s only been a benefit. YT was a big waste of time. The guided media and material forced at you. Being unable to find what you are searching for even when using “word for word.”

    This isn’t my real email… But I do use the same fake email and name. I read a lot more than I comment.

  2. Hi Robin, I first found you in the comment section of NBL. I also do not use my ‘real’ email, but a more secure one. Regardless, thanks for all the effort you put into this. May you feel healthy and vibrant in your life and in your pursuit of truth and freedom.

  3. This thread seems like a good place for this manifesto – meant to be a response to the accusation of being a conspiracy theorist:

    The relationship between Truth, Facts, and Transparency:

    Facts are objective bits of information. They are true, but not The Truth. They are the building blocks of truth.
    Transparency is the free flow of facts.
    Truth is an overarching and interlocking structure built from facts creating a framework or ethos that we can live within.

    We need Total global political and governmental transparency. (Paired with personal privacy, but that is another story). This empowers the citizens who mandated that government. This is how a democracy works. And it would mean an end to war.

    Part of the globalists’ strategy is their brutal war against Transparency — making an example of Assange, Chelsea Manning, Daniel Hale, and others; to discourage any other potential messengers of truth. These are our heroes. Please keep them in your hearts and prayers.

    I cannot over emphasize the importance of this —–
    Whistleblowers and organizations like Wikileaks give us facts. Facts are not always the whole truth, but from the facts, we the people can triangulate the Truth. Without the facts, we are twisting in the wind – using our intuition, which is totally legitimate, but not in a ‘peer reviewed’ world.

    The very term ‘conspiracy theory’ was coined by the CIA in 1964 – as a means to ridicule and discredit any challenge to the official narrative right after they trotted out the bogus Warren Report on the Kennedy assassination.

    One tactic of the globalists is to withhold the Truth, and then ridicule any efforts by citizens to ferret out what that Truth might be with the supposedly derogatory term “conspiracy theorists”. We need to embrace the term and own it, and use it as a segue into the deeper realms of what’s really going on. The Truth will set us free.

  4. You have to watch Dr. Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters Show 8/24 on Rumble. She explains the BS about this so-called approval.

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