Common sense about debt

Common sense about debt



By James McLean

The Self-Sovereignty Faith

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution by tomorrow morning.” Henry Ford

Money was invented to give ‘representative value’ to the things people traded. It meant you didn’t have to find someone who had the goods you wanted and then figure-out what they needed. It oiled the cogs of commerce.

Whilst ingenious and convenient, this currency system needed a safeguard: the money must represent something of value which could be redeemed. Originally that was metals – mainly gold.  In this way, economies would always be rooted in tangible things benefiting citizens of the free market.

Unfortunately the mechanism was hijacked by ancestors of the dynastic families who are now implementing the plandemic. Manipulating from the shadows, they bribed Governments to abolish the gold standard and allow their organisations (privately owned central banks) to merely print paper.

This paper money was lent, via Governments, to the public. It had to be paid back to the bankers with interest. And where could the interest come from… only from borrowing more money.

Thus nations entered a perpetual, exponentially-increasing debt-cycle without hope of being on the positive side of the ledger. Debt slavery had begun; people ruled by the money-makers.

While ‘thin-air money’ is a fiction sustained by our belief in it, actual assets are seized through its manipulation. When the tricksters turn on the credit tap, we borrow and use the finance to build houses, buildings, businesses and tangible infrastructure. With a well-timed ‘righty-tighty’ the flow is turned off, loans are defaulted on and real property is raked in by the crooked croupiers. The entire scam is smoke-screened by the myth of ‘mysterious market forces.’  

Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws. Mayer Amschel Rothschild

Virtually all nations have fallen under this fiscal control. The handful that haven’t are demonised as ‘rouge states’ by the fake media and suffer under the constant threat of invasion (Iran, North Korea, and Syria for example.) Attempts at loosening this stranglehold are brutally elbowed. When Muammar Gaddafi of Libya created an independent Bank of Africa with interest-free, gold-backed loans, Hillary Clinton led N.A.T.O. to murder him and kill thirty thousand civilians in the carpet bombing of Tripoli. Those rare politicians brave enough to highlight this money scam are similarly dispatched. Famously, when John F. Kennedy tried to reinstate the gold-standard and wrestle power off the Federal Reserve Bank, he was shot. ‘Don’t mess with the money’ is the clear message.    

Swinging the binoculars from history to the moment, what do we see? There is a money monsoon. Equivalent to one fifth of the world’s GDP, it pours down to ‘cope with a virus’. Not available to help New Zealand’s forty thousand homeless, it arrives in torrents for the Covid con. It is mere binary-code currency; an electrical impulse pinged from one computer to another. Tacitly agreeing to its value, however, permits dire consequences.

Governments are borrowing never-before-seen amounts of money on our behalf which will obligate our great-grandchildren and beyond if we submit. These gleeful announcements of gazillions available for bail-outs, tracing Apps, vaccine development and A.I. infrastructure are all threads in the tightening noose of indebtedness.   

What is the chance of this sky-reaching, debt-mountain providing a plausible excuse for Governments to declare insolvency? Legally, this would trigger a fire sale as all remaining state-assets were gobbled by money-lender creditors.

With the last vestiges of national sovereignty dismantled, even the illusory democracy we have lived under would seem utopic; the biggest global debt trap ever built snaring the world. Elites would own everything from the macrocosmic to the molecular.

Thankfully, the voice of sanity is reaching a larger audience whom are fast withdrawing consent. This insidious structure of indefinite ‘owing’ to the banking Cabal is underpinned by fraud. Implemented by stealth and deception, it has reached its expiry date. Their foul-smelling product has gone off and they must issue a recall and swallow it themselves.

We didn’t agree to this grotesque borrowing on the back of a hoax emergency and will not be bound by resultant obligations.

It’s heartening to see increasing numbers of people reassessing modes of commerce. Some are demanding the Government produce an independent, interest-free, gold-backed currency: positive money to create proper national wealth rather than inescapable obligation to the usurers. Others are going one better and empowering their own communities with green-dollar co-operatives and micro-economies. With belief in the ‘establishment’ crumbling like a politician’s integrity, localism is heralding possibility and hope.  

Of course at Self-Sovereignty Faith, we recognise the ultimate commodity to transact in: Love.

“Don’t measure your life with money or time. Measure your life with an exchange of love.” Debasish Mridha 

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