3 thoughts on “Compilation: Peer reviewed medical papers of Covid vaccine injuries

  1. That is an overwhelming amount of information to try and absorb, even if one was still in need of such.
    Dr John Campbell’s latest post “non covid excess deaths” takes another step towards the truth, albeit with his usual ultra cautious approach.
    Key quote from some medical person, probably implicated in the whole bs propaganda, “it appears to be getting worse”. Which is why we need an inquiry.
    Not holding my breath.

    1. That “guy” skyrocketed from obscurity to top youtube.
      I wouldn’t hold my breath for that old fellow. Definitely not the public or governmental medical institutions.

      John has a flip-floppy position. He pushed 3 jabs for elderly. Without any medical evidence. Just parroting the media lies.
      I can see he has doubts… He hasn’t gone full Mike Yeadon yet.

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