Contradictory assessments of the “coronovirus” outbreak in Wuhan

Contradictory assessments of the “coronovirus” outbreak in Wuhan

initial assesment of the “coronavirus” outbreak.


I now feel ready to weigh in with some of my own observations and to come up with a tentative conclusion based on the widely contradictory information that is coming in.

I am more confident about what is NOT happening than I am about what is happening.  However, we can say some things with a certain degree of certainty.

The first is that the numbers dying from this coronavirus are WAY, way more than what is being reported.  

Think about it for a moment.  There are only a certain number of virus test kits to go round and bodies are reportedly being taken to the crematorium.

The second, is I can almost dismiss the official explanation that this disease came from bats or from the “wet markets”, as awful as they are.

First, look at the latest coming out of China:

Right now, there is a lot of blame going round. Chinese propaganda is working furiously to put out a message that the West is “playing the blame game” and not assisting China in any way.

This, from the Global Times.

Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Saturday in Chinese that China is making all-out efforts to control and what China has been doing is responsible. 

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has plan to visit Wuhan during his visit to China, information available suggests….

Some Southeast Asian countries have also enacted entry restrictions out of concern for their own public health security – as their medical systems are not as capable as China’s to fight the virus – but have not used the crisis to demonize China or politicize the epidemic. 

Some Southeast Asian countries have also enacted entry restrictions out of concern for their own public health security – as their medical systems are not as capable as China’s to fight the virus – but have not used the crisis to demonize China or politicize the epidemic.

While China dedicates mammoth resources to contain the epidemic, several Western countries are exploiting the crisis to smear China and drive a wedge between the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people. In contrast, Southeast Asian countries that are close to China have a milder reaction to the epidemic and offer moral support to China.

One reason for this contrast is the “China threat” theory, with which Western countries observe China through the tinted spectacles of ideology and thus cannot view the epidemic fairly. 

Reflected in Zero Hedge:

Don’t get me wrong, but I really like Pepe Escobar but when he says that “fear and chaos is being weaponized big time to create a new Yellow Peril” and that the “coronavirus is being contained“.

The former statement has a certain level of truth to it as we shall see – even though the truth is, as I have been pointing out , that the western media has being doing the opposite – or, rather pushing fear porn like the current series, Pandemic, on Netflix to denial of the “information” they are putting out elsewhere.

The second claim – coronavirus is being contained” – is just sheer wrong, if not disinformation.

He has put out this article which has been published by the Vineyard of the Saker:

it’s always enlightening to remember Great Helmsman Mao Zedong. For
Mao, the top two political variables were “independence” and
“development.” That implies full sovereignty. As Xi seems
determined to prove a sovereign civilization-state is able to win a
scientific “people’s war,” that does not exactly spell out

And then we come to John Pilger, who is a journalist I hold in high regard but I can see here that his leftist agenda gets in the way of the truth.

He says that travel bans are “racist” and “not approved by WHO” that has been at the very best negligent, if not criminal in their non-response to this.

He then repeats the nonsense of comparing with the current flu epidemic in the United States.

He evidently has not acquainted himself with the science – or he rejects concepts such as Ro, or graphs such as the following which reflects the reality on the ground.

Do we just accept at face-value what the CPC says without delving any deeper?

I personally think this all calls for both a cool head and a more objective response.

I think that we need to throw out ideology and preconceived notions when dealing with this.

The first point I would make is that in crises like this ALL governments lie mercilessly but nobody lies as mercilessly as the Chinese.  There is no transparency to be had in China unlike, perhaps Russia which has been moving in the right direction.

Firstly this was the country in which Mao’s Great Leap Forward ‘killed 45 million in four years‘. Like the USSR, there were many positive changes (literacy levels, education and public health could be named) but I would be hard-pressed to say that the loss of 45 million lives in 4 years was worthwhile.

I don’t see that governance has changed much in a positive direction.

However, there is the other side of the coin.

I have been chronicling the Trump administration’s crusade against the People’s Republic of China – the trade war unleashed on China and the unrest that has been unleashed in Hong Kong.

While we are talking about lies nobody lies in quite the same way as Donald J. Trump and the United States regime.

Take this – two lies for the cost of one!

The United States has taken decisive action to protect Americans from the threat of a fast-moving coronavirus while offering help to China, President Donald Trump said on Sunday, but a key adviser said Beijing had not accepted the offers of assistance.

Trump appeared to downplay concerns about the impact in the United States of the flu-like virus that has killed 350 people in China and spread to more than two dozen countries, telling Fox television in an interview, “We’re gonna see what happens, but we did shut it down, yes.”

Just in the past couple of days we see this headline – China is ‘number one‘ enemy despite the coronavirus.

Can you imagine two greater liars – Donald Trump or Pompeo – apart from, in the current crisis, the Chinese government?

Far from expeditiously acting to protect itself America sat on its hands until a couple of days ago, as reflected here:

Trump Has Sabotaged America’s Coronavirus Response

There are Trump’s cutbacks after the ebola outbreak.

I have been hearing calls for suppression of the truth under the guise of “fighting” ideas that are just “incorrect” – such as all the ways people can recover from this even while they do not know for sure what this is.

This media crusade has been led by the loopy purveyor of fake news about Russiagate and other things, the infamous Buzzfeed.

Here, they attack Hal Turner.

There are not 112,000 dead from the virus because the Chinese government says there are 400:

If I had to make the choice right now I would say that it is Buzzfeed that is the purveyor of fake news.

Finally, there is the hoary question of the nature of the virus.

There has been lots of information that has come out, from a British patent on the coronavirus that appears to be linked with Bill Gates; a US scientist being caught smuggling out vials of the virus; something similar happening in Canada and allegations that this might have been the escape of a weaponised virus from the laboratory in Wuhan (or Nanjing, according to Hal Turner.)

The information coming out was so contradictory but each theory came with some documentation to back it up.

However, it was having a day in which I just had to step back and watching the following interview with Dr. Francis Boyle that made up my mind so that I am s confident as I can be that the :coronavirus” is indeed weaponised and produced in a lab.

I have not read his book “Biowarfare and Terrorism” but I suspect that in the current situation it will make for informative reading.

In this interview he goes through some of the possible explanations that have been going around in my head – the criminality of the Chinese government; admitting the possibility of sabotage; looking at the possibility of actions from the United States and – above all – the spectre of vaccines containing nanotechology that he contends is already there and waiting.

There is a lot of uncertainty right now but I believe this to be a bioweapon.  Whose is the main question.

I have said from day one that IF the present coronavirus goes the same way as SARS (and “burns itself out”) while it decimates the People’s Republic of China I would take it as a strong indicator that this was an attack carried out by the United States (which part would be a moot point).

This remains to be seen.

In the meantime Catherine Austin Fitts has some pertinent things to say (‘the Deep State is winning’).

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