CONVOY 2022 NZ DAY 3 – Tuesday 8th February 2022

CONVOY 2022 NZ DAY 3 – Tuesday 8th February 2022

This is some of the livefeed from the Wellington newspaper.


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Live: Freedom convoy has arrived at Parliament in protest of Covid-19 vaccine mandates

  • Organisers of the convoy are directing protestors to block as many roads as they can in Wellington. Their aim appears to be to jam the city’s traffic.

    – Reporting by Erin Gourley

  • 6 minutes ago
    Another angle of the protests, which have blocked roads outside Parliament.
    The view from an apartment building opposite Parliament. Photo / Supplied
    Protesters outside Parliament are in a jubilant mood. Photo by Kevin Stent / Stuff

    A truck rolls into Molesworth St, near Parliament. Video / Sophie Cornish

    Large, tooting trucks are among the convoy that’s reached Wellington on Tuesday morning. Credit: Kevin Stent/ Stuff
  • 27 minutes ago
    Vehicles left in middle of the road
    The convoy has completely stopped on Molesworth St and protesters have left their vehicles parked in the middle of the road.
    There’s likely going to be a large backlog of traffic across central Wellington.
    – Reporting by Sophie Cornish
  • 29 minutes ago
    Council ‘keeping an eye on things’
    Richard MacLean said the Wellington City Council is “keeping an eye on things” to decide whether enforcement action is needed for breaches of parking rules by the protesters.
    The Council were monitoring their traffic cams and working with police to determine whether bylaws needed to be enforced.
    “We’ll start enforcing if the protesters start blocking traffic and creating a danger,” MacLean said.
    – Reporting by Erin Gourley 
  • 39 minutes ago
    Molesworth St outside Parliament has been brought to a standstill. Credit: Tom Hunt.
  • 42 minutes ago
    Traffic gridlocked, cheering, tooting in the capital
    Traffic is now gridlocked on Molesworth St. Very loud scenes here with people cheering, tooting, blowing airhorns, playing sirens and music. 
    Vehicles are also now being parked on the road outside Parliament.
    Reporting by Sophie Cornish, picture by Brontë Metekingi.

  • 42 minutes ago

    Another group of protesters have arrived in the city. Credit: Sophie Cornish/ Stuff

  • an hour ago
    Convoys edging closer to the city
    The first wave of the convoy is coming into Wellington through Ngauranga Gorge now, while the second wave is hitting Pukerua Bay.
    – Reporting by Erin Gourley

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