One thought on “Corina Shields on suicides and mental health in New Zealand

  1. Another unspoken crisis occurring.
    Canada is destroying the youth too.
    Suicide statistics have gone down. For the same reasons she stated.
    Not to mention the hastening of assisted dying, for all ages.
    NZ: “End of Life Choice Act 2019”
    Canada: “Bill C-14, June 2016 the original legislation that legalized and regulated euthanasia. Amended by Bill C-7 in March 2021; it relaxed some of the safeguards for those whose death was not reasonably foreseeable. + newly allowed those whose death was not reasonably foreseeable to access euthanasia.” They’re killing people for no good reason.

    My grandfather was given a lethal dose of an opiate before 2016. He was 90+ … Had cancer 3 times, but his heart was failing and he had Angina. He took nitro-g for a year or 2, to keep his heart going. But eventually he declined and was hospitalized. Grandmother was given the decision. After weeks in the ICU. Since he was completely gone mentally.
    He was dosed and died that day. I found out years later.
    That seems OK to me. It’s not like the cocktail they inject to kill you with, under current euthanasia protocol. He needed a new heart, and he would not have survived a transplant.

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