Cornered: NATO Pushing Putin to Nuke Western Nations

Cornered: NATO Pushing Putin to Nuke Western Nations

Today on TruNews, as President Biden prepares to present his state of the union address, stocks tank, and oil goes up. This is all in light of Russia continuing its advance on the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv, keeping the nuclear option in his back pocket.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Air date 3/1/22

Sleepwalking: American Public Ignores Putin’s Nuclear War Threat

Today on TruNews, as Russia ramps up its nuclear posture to push back against NATO, the US government is telling its citizens to ‘mask up’ and ‘maintain social distancing’ as atomic bombs melt American cities. Rick Wiles dissects the propaganda in the Ukrainian conflict, including Russia asking Israel, “Why are you supporting the Nazis?”

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 2/28/22

One thought on “Cornered: NATO Pushing Putin to Nuke Western Nations

  1. Back toward the end of the Obama presidency, Putin publicly stated he believes a nuclear event with the US is winnable.
    Now, was he meaning tactical nukes, or unleashing the big dogs?
    Does it matter?… the use of tactical would only serve as the stepping stone for all out nuclear war. Worst case, the planet could be wiped out within an hour or two.
    Furthermore, anyone who thinks the US arsenal and technologies are less than superior to anyone is displaying an absolutely delusional mind. Putin knows this, in reality.
    What’s happening presently is appearing far more dangerous than any prior nuclear sabre rattling in history.
    Propaganda has become more sophisticated and is at an all time high. NONE of us know the reality of what’s actually occuring.
    And ALL media is fanning the flames with their pure delusion.
    People are not using basic logic, but rather letting their emotions control their thought.
    Follow the money, look at defense expenditure, look at overall wealth and the resultant technological capability.
    The reality is so blatantly obvious.

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