Correspondance from Guy McPherson

Correspondance from Guy McPherson

This is partially a response to Guy McPherson, Pauline Schneider and Kevin Hester.

Guy McPherson threatens: “Time to defend yourself”


No it’s not!


I have been taking things easy and trying to mark Christmas, New Year and my partner’s birthday while my mind and soul is taken up with the fires in Australia and the murder in Iraq of Soleimani in Iraq – so this was the very last thing on my mind.

just got a personal message from Guy McPherson.


Was it to wish me a Happy New Year? No, it was to say:

 “Time to defend yourself”. 


It reads like somethingfrom the OK Corral or (more appropriately) from Trump.


It was connected with this tweet which in his obsession Guy managed to dig up from 2016.


He must have really wanted me to see it because, in addition to PM’ing me he tagged me.


Well, I won’t be engaging directly because there is no need to. I am no longer part of the “tribe” (which seems now to have signs of being a cult) and no longer wish to cross paths with either of the people mentioned above since being dumped unceremoniously 6 months ago on ideological grounds.


I’ve got bigger fish to fry, not least my own health. I will not stop speaking my own truth.


This is the dictionary definition of “insane”, which has been ascribed to me:

“Exhibitinga severely disordered state of mind : affected with mental illness”

I don’t think I’ve sunk to that level yet and I don’t thinkholding contrary views quite fits the definition.

Perhapsbeing so obsessed you have to find a FB page from 3 years ago to make
a personal point does?

For what it is worth (referring to the post above) I wrote about rain at the North Pole in 2016 and in 2020 I am still talking isn’t and and
hasn’t for some time.

Kevin Hester jumps in with this “mental health”bit and with a flip-flop.

One might have thought it was a sign of sanity to change or modify one’s thinking in reponse to new information.

But not if you are “doing work for” the tribe as Kevin said in his interview of me a year ago,


Perhaps this might be an appropriate response? 

Would it be inappropriate to point out that at the time (2016) I was led to believe that Dane Wigington was a climate change denier.

I have since learned that that was a lie.

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