Corruption Spotlight on Blinken, Garland, and Morrell in Conspiracy to Destroy Donald Trump in 2020

Corruption Spotlight on Blinken, Garland, and Morrell in Conspiracy to Destroy Donald Trump in 2020

Are the walls finally closing in on the corrupt Biden regime? Congressman James Comer thinks so. A lot has happened in recent days that doesn’t look good for the Biden crime syndicate. Secretary of State Blinken, Attorney General Garland, and former CIA acting director Mike Morrel have been implicated in nefarious operations to deceive the American people and to help the Bidens’ cover up their criminal activities. Congressman Comer appeared on Sean Hannity’s program several nights ago and said the walls are closing in on the Bidens.

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart Airdate 4/21/23

3 thoughts on “Corruption Spotlight on Blinken, Garland, and Morrell in Conspiracy to Destroy Donald Trump in 2020

  1. OK. I didn’t watch the whole TruNews episode. I can’t spend 20 minutes out of an hour reminiscing with Rick and Doc. Though it’s nice. I do like it. I listened till part 2 started.

    I haven’t seen “Sacrificing Liberty.” I would like to! I know all about the telecommunications/spy ship, that was diverted from the main Med. fleet, sent near Egypt and attacked with 2-3 strikes, by unmarked Israeli jet’s. According to U.S. surviving sailors. Would love to find it on El Web. I can’t justify spending the cash. I have other priorities.

    ***Thanks for all you do SeeMore. Seriously. I know this takes hours/all day.
    You are my NEWS site. I don’t have time to watch other junk.***

    I voted PPC, Maxime Bernier. Last election. Because it was the only party calling for lifting lockdown restrictions. And they had a good platform.
    Even Pierre Poilievre, The opposition leader against Trudeau.
    In the MSM. When they say the same thing over and over.

    Or worse parliament, the same question, diverted and ignored, over and over… It’s like CBC/CTV are broadcasting a signal that causes annoyance. I’m just kidding, It’s just me.

    I don’t understand the “Trump Hope” … But I am not from the good ‘ol USA.
    He seems like a snake to me. TV personality became president. That has happened before. And in other countries.

    I’m typing and listening. Goodness, Stormy Daniels practices witchcraft. Is a medium… in a media article. It’s in the open! 3 Generations and we’re dark dark dark. Goodnight.

    I need some Bible, Chuck Connor’s in The Rifleman, and more Bible.
    (The Rifleman is great, it has action, suspense. Promotes honesty, faith, justice, peace, family… The quote the Bible verbatim. It actually has a lot of biblical quotes and references.)

    I’m gonna go away for a few days. Spam? Yuck!

    1. Fun fact. PPC party was created and the first election, it gained more votes #/% during the election, than the “Green” party ever achieved in decades.
      There were 4 “major” now there are 5. It’s still Red/Blue. Lib/Con. 30/30 with variations on who wins by reaching the closest to 40. I hate “First Past The Post.”

      The pinko NDP “Orange” with their disconnected Singh leader made a deal with Trudeau. Mr. Singh is also a Young Global Leader. Or he was there meeting recently, I forget. Have a great week, you. (whoever is reading)

  2. OK, this is really it. I say “Disconnected” because he wears a Rolex and a $5000 suit. But claims to be the “everyman” Jagmeet Singh.
    Is it because I am forgetful or hasty with my comments. Sometimes it’s a day later…

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