Counterspin: Deep State Hit Piece Misfires!

Counterspin: Deep State Hit Piece Misfires!

The Deep State is doubling down here in NZ with the release of a one hour hit piece against those standing up against government corruption & over reach, conveniently named Fire & Fury like the hit piece written about President Donald Trump.

—Counterspin Media

Here is the propaganda piece paid for by the taxpayer.

I believe the lamestream media only stays afloat because it is being bankrolled by the government to the tune of $55 million.

How the Wellington protests, riots were fuelled by disinformation

Another hit piece

One thought on “Counterspin: Deep State Hit Piece Misfires!

  1. Beware of tares in the wheat!
    Search for “Vernon Coleman” on youtube!
    The results are hilarious.
    “I Asked Bill Gates What’s The Next Crisis?”
    Is one of the top results for me.
    Depending on my VPN location, it completely hides any videos including the real Dr. Vernon Coleman.

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