Counterspin discussion group banned from Telegram!

Counterspin discussion group banned from Telegram!

Last night this appeared after this warning


Samantha Edwards Reports #8 – Winston Rides Again

A foray into the political maneuverings of veteran New Zealand politician, Winston Peters.

Did you know that Winston Peters played a pivotal role in the 2020 abortion bill – which is the most extreme in the entire world?

Did you know he also played a central role in the successful passing of the extreme euthanasia bill – passed in 2019?

This exposé reveals that Winston has actually a key player in the facilitation of many globalist agendas in our nation… far beyond what most are aware of.

We look at his deeply byzantine  involvement with:

– the extreme abortion bill,

– the extreme euthanasia bill,

– the WHO, and Winston’s signing of NZ to Covax,

– his strong support of mandatory vaccination,

– his promises to open the market to big pharma with another $1.3 billion,

– his signing of the UN Global Migration Compact,

– the writing and implementing of the new LGBGTQ+ sexuality guidelines in schools,

– the Serious Fraud Office case against NZ First Foundation, and connections leading back to the same players in my last video “Election Psyops”, such as Cam Slater and VFF.

We also take a trip down memory lane, and revisit some of Winston’s previous campaign trail promises, – such as ditching TPPA and 1080, plus much more.

Is Winston Peters a fickle politician, who just can’t help but make over-enthusiastic promises to get himself into Parliament, – or is he playing a role?

Is he truly the anti-establishment champion he’s presenting as, – or is he simply channelling the disenchanted back into the machine, – with more false promises?

This information is provided in the hope that all will be able to make a genuinely informed vote, come Election Day.

This, and all previous episodes are available here:

This episode is also available as an audio podcast:

This was my response.

I was livid.

I like Sue Grey and the folks at the Outdoors Party

I like Matt Shelton and the good doctors at MSDSOS

I like Guy Hatchard

I ,Ike the three women at VFF

I like Lynda Wharton and deeply respect her work for the vaccine injured

I like Billy te Kahika

I could learn to like Brian Tamaki

I like the team at Reality Check Radio

I like a whole number of people I can’t mention.

Kelvin Alp and his merry band of sectarian Leninists, together with, by extension, Liz Gunn,  with the attack on the last. forlorn hope we have pissed on them all and betrayed the rest of us.

They have, along with the mainstream media, have done their best to destroy a fragile counter movement to a well-organised globalist coup

I’m a sort of early-to-bed guy, so I missed out on the fun until I found it this morning

The Counterspin discussion group was banned from Telegram.

Let me point out that this seems to be a difficult thing to achieve on Telegram; there are so many extremist groups on it. Perhaps they draw the line at personal attacks who knows.

Apparently it is gone down from 3,330 in his heyday to 2783.

I imagine that with their attack on Winston the NZ Deep State might be cheering them on at this juncture; they were making such a good job of driving a wedge in the movement and making sure there is no unity.

In my mind, although they are anti-communist all Kelvyn’s methods are straight out of Vladimir Lenin’s pre-1917 copybook. Argumentative, sectarian, everything is polemics, even your friends can be enemies.

The historical parallels do not escape me

A young Lenin

A while ago I was ready to overlook all this because they represented the “pointy edge” of the argument and they did good work on the lockdowns and vaccine mandates. 

With all of this I am picking the best days of Counterspin are behind us.

They invested everything into New Zealand Loyal and Liz Gunn

2 thoughts on “Counterspin discussion group banned from Telegram!

  1. Thanks mate. I didn’t know what to believe when I received his shit in my mail box. I wonder if he is a limited hangout ? The sooner he’s off the scene the better. I met him at a meeting west of Whangarei a couple of years back and he spoke like he was a big man, that things were happening that he couldn’t talk about and basically was full of B/S. NZF will get over the line and with the “freedom” members in his caucus Winston will not be able to do just as he wants once the new members have returned to reality when their hubris over their getting into parliament dies down. However, it appears Winston may have had a dose of reality over the last three years so may be he’ll be a different fellow. Here’s hoping.

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