Counterspin – PM’s Question Time with Shane Chafin

Counterspin – PM’s Question Time with Shane Chafin

Counterspin Media

It’s been a big fortnight for Counterspin Media which has culminated in our Chief Medical Correspondent, Shane Chafin, asking the NZ PM Jacinda Ardern the questions MSM should be.

On this episode Kelvyn is joined by Shane for a debrief and analysis of the national and international coverage we got after going viral.

See the full, behind the scenes footage of the now, infamous Kawakawa press conference, the PM will be wishing never happened.

We are also joined by brave mama bear, Te Otinga Rogers, who sung to the PM at the same event and also shared her thoughts on the PM’s failure.

2 thoughts on “Counterspin – PM’s Question Time with Shane Chafin

  1. This was rude and uncalled for. NZ is leading the world and has the low death rates because we value community and keeping each other safe. I really think you should go back to America if you don’t agree with our ideals. What ideals are you talking about? Genocide?

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