Counterspin: Reports from the New Zealand lockdown

Counterspin: Reports from the New Zealand lockdown

This is from a Rumble account that is fairly new to me, Counterspin.

Counterspin Ep. 22 – LOCKDOWN SPECIAL

Join us as we cover the first day of level 4 lockdown in New Zealand. With one case of Delta suspected the government shut down the whole country.

Join us as we show footage from the brave souls who stood against the tyranny.

4 people were arrested in Tauranga and 4 in Auckland. Christchurch police sent out security guards to deal with protestors.

We are joined by lawyer Sue Grey as she updates us on the arrest of Tracey Livingston.

A husband and wife team, Te Raita & Ray were both arrested and they join us via Skype.

Finally we are joined by Reyna Drake from Australian Patriots Alliance and Jamie McIntyre from the Australian National Review, for a look at the bigger picture and what is happening in Australia.

Counterspin Ep. 23 – LOCKDOWN SPECIAL #2

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