Counterspin talks about bank runs

Counterspin talks about bank runs


With some commentators predicting up to 180+ banks to fail, how safe is your money, & will we see scenes reminiscent of the great depression?

Bankers control nations. It’s a legal ponzi scheme with systemic built-in failures. This leads to forced government policies of privatization, land banking, and the theft of the nation’s real wealth for ultimately fraudulent debt.

Banks create nothing of value. They facilitate the creation of currency out of thin air upon your ‘promise to pay’. They then charge you ‘interest’, which is never created and therefore guarantees ‘scarcity’ through instant deficits in the economy & an inability to pay.

Ultimately, it’s a fraudulent practice. The house always wins.

They are engineering a worldwide collapse to implement digital currency control.

Our advice is to withdraw your funds, convert into land, self-sufficiency, a strong community, & potentially gold and silver stocks.

Bankers are the parasitical leeches upon mankind and must be fought!

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