Courageous Convos: NZ Frontline Doctors Speak Out

Courageous Convos: NZ Frontline Doctors Speak Out

Voices for Freedom(NZ)

This week we welcome special guests from the healthcare sector to our Monday night session. 👨‍⚕️👨🏼‍⚕️

Dr Matt Shelton (GP) and Dr Jacques Imbeau (Dentist).

We discuss some of the recent issues facing our frontline medical staff, including:

⚕️ NZDSOS: the organisation, goals and actions taken so far.
⚕️ The potential consequences of speaking up.
⚕️ Professional censorship.

Be sure to visit the doctors website at

The views expressed in this video are the doctors personal views only and not made on behalf any institution or corporation. The content is provided for educational purposes only.

Enjoy the show!

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