Covid-19 = King Venom 19: additional material from Mike Adams

Covid-19 = King Venom 19: additional material from Mike Adams

“After the bombshell Dr. Ardis interview went public yesterday, we are now seeing some commentators claim that snake venom could not survive contact with city water. Are they nuts? If city water could denature King Cobra snake venom proteins, then all snakebites could be successfully treated with water, and no anti-venom would be necessary. I’m shocked at the level of ignorance from some of the people commenting on this. Snake venom proteins are very robust and NOT easily wrecked by city water. If water could nullify all such poisons, it would be impossible to poison someone’s water. And we know that water can be poisoned with all sorts of things…”

To anybody who doesn’t yet realize that SNAKE VENOM is routinely used to develop pharmaceuticals and medical interventions, check out today’s announcement from a company actually called, “VenomTech.” They are bragging about, “Targeted-Venom Discovery Array™ (T-VDA™) libraries provide researchers with a straightforward solution to rapidly screen thousands of individual venom fragments, with each array specifically designed to maximise hits for a specific target.”

Venomtech announces new drug development collaboration with Charles River

Venomtech is collaborating with Charles River Laboratories, International Inc. to help drug developers explore venom-derived compounds for a wide range of therapeutic targets. This newly formed collaboration will bring together Venomtech’s biology expertise and vast venom-derived peptide library, with Charles River’s drug development and screening knowhow, providing pharmaceutical manufacturers with a one-stop service to explore this unique natural resource. Millions of years of evolution have made venom-derived peptides highly specific, even for many of the hardest-to-hit drug targets. Venomtech’s Targeted-Venom Discovery Array™ (T-VDA™) libraries provide researchers with a straightforward solution to rapidly screen thousands of individual venom fragments, with each array specifically designed to maximise hits for a specific target. Through the new collaboration, Charles River will be able to use this innovative resource – closely supported by Venomtech – to accelerate its clients’ pipelines, addressing difficult therapeutic targets, uncovering new mechanisms of action and minimising off-target effects.

Paul Grant, CEO at Venomtech, explained:

Venomtech has been at the forefront of venom research for drug discovery for more than a decade. Through this relationship with Charles River Laboratories – a global leader for drug discovery contract research – we can now showcase our innovative technology, introducing the wider industry to the potential of venoms for the successful delivery of more leads, more quickly, for a broad range of targets.”Vad Lazari, Director of Biology at Charles River, added: “In collaboration with Venomtech, we can now offer our clients access to bespoke venom libraries, potentially accelerating their discovery pipelines using this powerful natural resource. This arrangement will enable us to draw on Venomtech’s specialist biological knowledge to quickly follow up hits and promising leads, helping our clients to overcome longstanding specificity challenges and exploit novel modes of action.”

About Venomtech

Venomtech is a global leader for venom research enterprises, based out of world-class laboratories at Discovery Park in Kent, UK. We are a team of enthusiastic problem solvers, representing the next generation of innovative biotechs, committed to helping our customers worldwide make pioneering advances in drug discovery, crop protection, and cosmetics. We have the largest library of naturally sourced venom-derived compounds in the UK, from a growing collection of vertebrate and invertebrate species. Use of our platform increases the likelihood of finding unique and high-value candidates for even the most hard-to-hit drug and pesticide targets, or novel active ingredients for cosmetics applications.

HUGE from Dr. Ed Group – he just texted me this in response to the snake venom breaking story…

The Antidote to ALL Poisons & The Most Suppressed Medical Secret [Revealed by Dr. Group in August 2021]

The Antidote to ALL Poisons & The Most Suppressed Medical Secret [Revealed by Dr. Group in August 2021]

Another fascinating video about the links between covid-19 vaccines and snake venom:

COVID-19 vaccines contain snake venom substrate

4 thoughts on “Covid-19 = King Venom 19: additional material from Mike Adams

  1. I did a rapid test on my tap water. Negative.
    I’m going to try some spit, from a jabbed family member next.

    The government are giving out rapid test kits where I live, like candy.
    I had not seen the swabs except in video, under microscope. So I’ve steered clear of all of it.

    The swab will make you sick. Ethylene Oxide.
    Not to mention Antionietta Gatti’s work showing the swabs to be extremely bad for you.

    I was doing some background research on “Nicholas Stumphauzer.” Editor for Watch the water.
    He has been working on TruNews’ “The Greatest Reset” as well.
    On Aug. 26th 2021, Milo Yiannopoulos interviewed Nicholas Stumphauzer who is a strong believer in the flat earth theory.
    Lauren Witzke is a producer of “Watch the water.” Neither Milo or Lauren are on TruNews, but this Nicholas is involved with all of them at the same time.
    I wonder if Rick Wiles knows that Nicholas is a friend of Milo’s? What happened to Milo’s reading of Proverbs? Scrapped!

    Also why didn’t Dr. Ardis keep this fortune cookie message from god that said: “Liu Bing” ? That would be a great thing, to hold up in front of the camera. Even if you printed it yourself.
    If it were me, I would keep that thing in my wallet to show everyone. Great way to start a sticky conversation too.

    Isaiah 54:17, 2nd Timothy 1:7.
    The music in “watch the water” was interesting…
    I will be waiting for more information… I’ve been drinking water the whole time. Un-jabbed people I know, who have gotten sick. Were around sick co-workers.

    A lot of people where I live are getting sick right now too. I think it has to do with the injection rollout timing. Even the provincial government website has a pie chart showing the number of “cases, hospitalizations. Jabbed vs un-jabbed” guess who is sick? The jabbed.

    1. I should add the un-jabbed people I know, were sick with flu-like symptoms for 3-5 days after being near someone who was jabbed, and tested positive earlier.
      And/or many of the un-jabbed people I know, who have become ill, have had to take swab tests for certain aspects of their job.

        1. 6 feet? I hope you are joking.
          The rapid test kits here are chinese nasal swabs, like in the link I left.
          The instructions say to rotate 5 times, 3/4 of an inch inside each nostril.

          Psy-oped hypochondriacs are now using these swabs multiple times, when they get the sniffles.
          Doing serious damage, depositing materials. All while probably having VAIDS and taxing their immune system. Through Ethylene Oxide inhalation poisoning and burning/ scratching their nasal passages.

          Yes I’ve seen the “Theragrippers.”
          “Theragrippers” could be placed in consumables, (because they are at a constant temp.) but I am not sure about the water, because they’re coated in “heat-sensitive paraffin wax.”

          Municipal waters are quite varied around the world. In the way we store it, and harvest it. (I guess they could change the paraffin thickness for hotter climates.) Then you just need to control international distribution and that still doesn’t solve the artesian well issue.

          But yes they could bypass the stomach, and release anything directly into the intestine lining and possibly the blood stream.

          US PATENT 6506148 B2 (Better throw away your TV/Phone/Monitor!)
          2nd Timothy 1:7

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