COVID: Connect The Dots With David Martin

COVID: Connect The Dots With David Martin

Weston Price Foundation,

15 November, 2021


Current restrictions and mandates and the advent of health passports and more—are de-stabilizing. The media emphasizes COVID case loads, variants, and the need to get injections and boosters. What is really at play and who’s behind the fear-mongering? What is the end game? This is episode 336 and our guest today is Dr. David Martin. David is the author of “Lizards Eat Butterflies” and the Founder and Chairman of M-CAM Inc.

Today he discusses the state of emergency we find ourselves in, the push for vaccination, and how to protect health freedom. In this conversation, David helps us connect the dots about censorship, mind control, and criminal activity. He also notes what we can do to turn things around and maintain a positive outlook in these times.

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