Covid ETHNIC CLEANSING in Australia

Covid ETHNIC CLEANSING in Australia

Australia begins covid ETHNIC CLEANSING with military roundups of indigenous people… junk science “sewage” testing used to imprison entire communities at gunpoint

Image: Australia begins covid ETHNIC CLEANSING with military roundups of indigenous people… junk science “sewage” testing used to imprison entire communities at gunpoint

(Natural News) The Australian government of the Northern Territories is now using military soldiers and army trucks to forcibly round up indigenous people who have merely been near someone else who tested “positive” for covid. With families being separated at gunpoint, one of the most horrifying predictions we made has now come true: Military / medical martial law where innocent civilians are being rounded up at gunpoint and taken to what are essentially covid concentration camps.

These victims are being forcibly relocated to the Howard Springs quarantine camp in Darwin, Australia. Michael Gunner, the territory chief, admits to the military kidnapping and forced relocation of Australian indigenous people, even disparaging their family structures and implying they are savages because so many members of the community interact with each other like family. From Gunner’s Facebook post:

What’s more concerning is the evidence of substantial mingling between households in Binjari, as well as mingling and back and forth between Binjari and the nearby community of Rockhole, which has about 130 residents.

These communities have very strong personal and family connections. It probably helps to think about them more as one big household rather than a lot of different households.

Gunner also announced that all local residents are now prisoners in their own homes and may not leave for any reason other than “medical treatment,” which means, of course, being injected with the covid-19 vaccine death shot. He claims this is for their own good:

As you know, last night we took urgent action to escalate our response in these communities – immediately implementing a hard lockdown.

That means residents in Binjari and Rockhole no longer have the five reasons to leave their home. They can only leave for medical treatment, in an emergency, or if required by law.

Yes, these are strong measures, but the threat to lives is extreme.

Gunner also confirms that dozens of locals have been rounded up by the military and forcibly taken to the camps:

It’s highly likely that more residents will be transferred to Howard Springs today, either as positive cases or close contacts

We have already identified 38 close contacts from Binjari but that number will go up. Those 38 are being transferred now.

I contacted the Prime Minister last night. We are grateful for the support of about 20 ADF personnel, as well as army trucks to assist with the transfer of positive cases and close contacts – and to support the communities.

We have repeatedly warned the world that military roundups and covid concentration camps would soon be implemented. The complicit mainstream media — guilty of pushing the entire plandemic narrative — derided the claims as a “conspiracy theory.” Now, it seems, all this has become a conspiracy fact.

We are witnessing ethnic cleansing taking place right now in Australia

To summarize what we are witnessing here:

  • Fake PCR tests are used to diagnose people as “positive” for covid.
  • The Australian military then medically kidnaps them at gunpoint, ripping them away from their families.
  • They are taken to relocation / death camps from which there is no escape.
  • All their family members are ordered to be imprisoned in their own homes and not allowed to leave for any reason other than to be injected with more covid death shots.
  • The more people take the covid death shots, the more they spread spike protein in the community, resulting in more PCR “positives.”
  • The cycle repeats.

This is bio-accentuated warfare / ethnic cleansing being carried out in broad daylight by a government that has become a terrorist organization, targeting its own people for mass death and never-ending imprisonment.

Junk science “wastewater” testing for covid allows the government to condemn entire communities… and it’s all based on PCR testing fraud

Furthermore, the government in Australia is using fraudulent PCR testing with wastewater tests (i.e. using sewage samples) to claim entire communities are infested with covid. They are then targeting those communities for family separations and medical kidnapping, no doubt followed by mass executions in the covid death camps. This is a mass extermination event being deliberately carried out by the Australian government as the world watches and does nothing. The UN, the WHO, the United States government… all silent. Complicit.

Witness the ominous language used by Gunner to threaten entire communities based on sewage test results, which are backed by no scientific credibility whatsoever:

Apart from Binjari, there is still positive wastewater in one Katherine catchment, the Bicentennial Road catchment. That’s the area around Acacia Drive, MacFarlane Primary, the Police Station, the industrial area – the area that’s around the highway out of town, East of Katherine. It also includes the Warlpiri Town Camp.

Given we have removed the positive cases identified in that area, it does concern us that we are still getting positive readings there.

That means it’s likely there is still a positive case or cases in that part of Katherine, who have not come forward for testing.

What he’s really saying is that as long as covid fragments test “positive” in the sewage, no one will be allowed to be free in the entire area. And the Australian government will assume that locals are “protecting” someone who is covid positive, hiding them from authorities. Thus, the Australian military labels all these people as some sort of covid fugitives, thereby justifying the mass imprisonment and medical kidnapping / death camps.

This is all being done for a supposed virus that has a 99%+ survival rate. Even worse, the coronavirus fragments that are being detected with PCR tests or in-the-field covid swabs are incredibly common cold virus fragments that can be found in literally any sewage system, anywhere in the world, at any time.

Australia isn’t using “science” to track down infections, they’re using quackery to justify ethnic cleansing.

I offer full details in today’s highly disturbing Situation Update podcast, which also covers human rights, the dollar collapse, cryptocurrency and much more:

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