COVID news – 28 August, 2021

COVID news – 28 August, 2021

1.6m Moderna doses withdrawn in Japan over contamination

Company confirms reports of particulate matter in vials, but finds ‘no safety issues’

About 1.6 million doses of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine have been taken out of use in Japan because of contamination reported in some vials, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said early Thursday.

Several vaccination centers have reported that vaccine vials contained foreign matter, according to an announcement from the ministry, which added it will seek to minimize the impact of the withdrawal on the country’s inoculation program.

The ministry said later in the day that the substance that had been mixed in may have been metal. “It’s a substance that reacts to magnets,” a ministry official said. “It could be metal.”

Takeda Pharmaceutical handles distribution of the U.S.-developed Moderna vaccine in Japan.

Nasdaq-listed Moderna confirmed receiving “several complaints of particulate matter” in vaccine vials distributed in Japan but said it had found “no safety or efficacy issues” related to these reports.

“The company is investigating the reports and remains committed to working transparently and expeditiously with its partner, Takeda, and regulators to address any potential concerns,” a Moderna spokesperson told Nikkei, saying the drugmaker believed a “manufacturing issue” at a plant in Spain was the cause.

The vaccine lot in question and two adjacent lots have been put on hold “out of an abundance of caution,” the spokesperson said.

The Japanese ministry has not halted the use of Moderna vaccines in other batches, deeming them safe.

Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga told reporters on Thursday afternoon that he had instructed the ministry to look into the case with safety as the top priority, adding he had received reports that the withdrawal “won’t have a significant impact on the country’s vaccination campaign.”

The Moderna vaccine was granted emergency-use authorization in Japan in May.

Japan Suspects Contaminant In Moderna Vaccines Is Metallic, ‘Reacts To Magnets

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, TOKYO – Dr. Kazuhiro Nagao (63) Chairman of medical company Yuwakai, director (Head) of Nagao Amagasaki Clinic, Hyogo prefecture, and visiting professor at Kansai University of International Studies highly recommend Ivermectin as drug which can cure the initial patient affected by the corona infection.

“Our current medical condition is in an almost critical condition and many patients cannot be accommodated in the hospital. For patients who are exposed to the corona virus, it is highly recommended to drink drug Ivermectin. I have tried many of my patients and have recovered,” said Dr. Nagao this afternoon (12/8/2021) on NTV.

Professor Nagao also saw this (medicine Ivermectin) as one of the solutions among many efforts to suppress the increasing number of people infected with the corona and at risk of becoming severe.

“In the early stages it was good to drink drug the. I always give my patients drug it is, of course artificial Japan and the next day healed. I asked them to report to me daily the impact of drug and it turned out to be good, they recovered immediately,” he continued.

In addition, Dr. Nagao also appealed to the Minister of Health and PM Japan Yoshihide Suga agar drug Ivermectin immediately promoted to the public so that it is widely used among those infected with the early corona.

“So far, all of my patients are good, recovering without any problems drug mentioned. Besides that drug it is also guaranteed and included in the insurance coverage in Japan. So I think it’s not a problem and light, not much of a burden for the community Japan, “he added.

So far, the government Japan In particular, the Ministry of Health continues to monitor the use of drug Ivermectin from Japan, and there hasn’t been any decision to publicize drug in the midst of the current pandemic.

Tokyo itself this Thursday (12/8/2021) drastically increased the number of infected nearly 5000 people per day.

Last week a doctor predicted that around August 18 the number of patients infected with the corona virus in Tokyo could reach 10,000 people per day.

Professor Yoshihito Niki, Deputy Director of the Respiratory Center, Kurashiki Daiichi Hospital, Professor of Clinical Infectious Diseases, Showa University School of Medicine Japan estimates the number of infections could reach 10,000 people in Tokyo around August 18, he explained last August 6.

Meanwhile Scholarships (to Japan) and language learning efforts Japan a more effective way through zoom continues to be carried out for Indonesian citizens actively with the target of studying at school in Indonesia Japan later. For complete information, please email: with subject:.

Denmark will scrap ALL Covid restrictions in two weeks and stop classifying it as ‘a critical threat to society’

  • Officials said they believe the virus no longer poses ‘a critical threat to society’
  • Health Minister Magnus Heunicke said: ‘The epidemic is under control’
  • But the government ‘will not hesitate to act quickly’ if the threat returns’
  • More than 70 per cent of Danes are fully vaccinated
  • From September 10, people will no longer need a corona pass to access events 

Denmark’s health officials will lift all of the country’s Covid restrictions by September 10, as they believe the virus no longer poses ‘a critical threat to society’.

More than 70 per cent of Danes are fully vaccinated and the low levels of Covid in the country led the health minister on Friday to announce that the virus is now ‘under control’.

‘The epidemic is under control, we have record vaccination levels. That is why, on September 10, we can lift the special rules we had to introduce in the fight against Covid-19,’ Health Minister Magnus Heunicke said.

“[DIRECT TRANSLATION]: Although papers have been published one after another that Ivermectin is effective in both prevention and treatment of the new corona, its use has not progressed in Japan, which has already been regarded as a “country of use”.

It should be used now that the infection explosion is progressing, but there are problems such as lack of Ivermectin and not being covered by the government’s side effect damage relief system.

If the Japanese version of EUA is prepared quickly and can be used by doctors in the field, it can be administered to patients waiting at home or undergoing medical treatment. The government should actively promote its use.”

FRANCE- Got this from a friend who’s sister works for the EU *up

Si vous n’êtes pas vaccinés ou seulement 1 dose, ceci vous intéresse. Tenez bon !

Dr Dominique RUEFF:

Tous les vaccins vont se périmer le 20/10/2021. Information vérifiée.

L’union européenne, a approuvé (google) 5 thérapies qui seront disponibles dans tous les hopitaux des états membres pour soigner le covid. Ces thérapies sont approuvées par décret du conseil européen (parlement européen) et seront en fonction a partir du 1/10. Donc seront distribués petit à petit vers le 20/10. Les vaccins ont été approuvé en “voie expérimentale provisoire “.Or, étant donné que par décret il y aura obligation de prescrire ces 5 nouveaux médicaments, l’ utilisation du vaccin prendra fin. Ainsi on comprend pourquoi tous les états disaient “d’ici septembre il faut que…”. Ils savaient déjà tout. N’acceptez aucun chantage. Soyez patients.

Maintenant que l’ivermectine est à nouveau autorisée, plus besoin de vaccin.

Excellente nouvelle. L’institut Pasteur reconnait l’efficacité de l’Ivermectine. Une seule prise pourrait chez certaines personnes éradiquer tous le matériel génétique du SARS covid-19. Lisez bien et partagez.

A FAIRE CIRCULER EN MASSE *Ils ont perdu ….***

Une bonne nouvelle : L’ivermectine est désormais scientifiquement reconnu comme médicament efficace, en prophylaxie et pour le traitement de Covid-19 par des chercheuses de l’institut Pasteur en France. Les résultats de leurs études ont été publiés dans la revue EMBO Molecular Médecine le 12 juillet 2021, c’est donc récent. Une analyse des résultats d’autres recherches publiée dans l’American journal of Thérapeutics appelle durement, preuves à l’appui, à passer outre les directives des agences sanitaires et à inclure L’ivermectine dans la norme de traitement.

Le gouvernement de Macron était au courant… Ne lachez rien gagnez du temps gardez vos libertés de corps et d’esprit. Prenez soin de vous.

Il semble que l’on ait bientot gagné


If you are not vaccinated or only 1 dose, this is for you. Hold fast !

Dr Dominique RUEFF:

All vaccines will expire on 10/20/2021. Information verified.

The European Union has approved (google) 5 therapies that will be available in all hospitals in member states to treat covid. These therapies are approved by decree of the European Council (European Parliament) and will be in operation from 1/10. So will be distributed little by little around 20/10. The vaccines were approved on a “provisional experimental basis”. However, given that by decree there will be an obligation to prescribe these 5 new drugs, the use of the vaccine will cease. So we understand why all the states said “by September we must …”. They already knew everything. Do not accept any blackmail. Be patient.

Now that ivermectin is authorized again, there is no need for a vaccine.

Excellent news. The Institut Pasteur recognizes the efficacy of Ivermectin. A single intake could in some people eradicate all the genetic material of SARS covid-19. Read well and share.

A MASS CIRCULATION * They lost …. ***

Good news: Ivermectin is now scientifically recognized as an effective drug, in prophylaxis and for the treatment of Covid-19 by researchers from the Pasteur Institute in France. The results of their studies were published in the journal EMBO Molecular Medicine on July 12, 2021, so it’s recent.


Most green card applicants will need to get vaccinated against the CCP virus and have proof of the vaccination to be eligible for permanent residency in the United States, starting Oct. 1, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The new CDC guidance would apply to immigrants living in the United States seeking to apply for a green card.

“COVID-19 vaccination now meets the criteria for required vaccinations and is a requirement for applicants eligible for the vaccine,” the CDC said on its website.

The agency said that a negative screening for COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, does not guarantee that they won’t have the disease when they become a permanent resident.

“A combination of vaccination and routine infection control practices will provide the best protection from COVID-19 for applicants and U.S. communities,” the CDC asserted.

As such, a green card applicant “must complete the COVID-19 vaccine series and provide documentation of vaccination to the civil surgeon in person” as part of their medical examination. The CDC emphasized that “Self-reported vaccine doses without written documentation are not acceptable.”

It adds that applicants are required to receive the vaccine “regardless of evidence of immunity or prior COVID-19 infection.”

“Laboratory tests for COVID-19 immunity must not be used for the civil surgeon exam. … The duration of immunity due to natural infection is still being investigated and might not protect the applicant throughout the immigration process,” the agency said on its website.

Incentives to take the death shot in Northland, New Zealand

Image: Japan discovers “magnetic” substance in Pfizer covid vaccines; journalists start DYING from the vax they pushed


(Natural News) We have turned the corner on the vaccine debate. The Pfizer vaccine is rapidly failing, and now most infections, hospitalizations and deaths are occurring among the “fully vaccinated.” Journalists who promoted vaccines are literally dying from those same vaccines, and a bombshell new study reveals that natural immunity offers approximately 13 times better protection against the “Delta” variant than vaccine-induced immunity.

Japan, meanwhile, has discovered a contaminant affecting millions of doses across hundreds of vaccine injection sites there, and a health ministry official describes the contaminant as “magnetic” and “possibly metal.” This means people are, in fact, being injected with substances that respond to magnets, which obviously explains why covid vaccines are allowing magnets to stick to peoples’ bodies.

From The Epoch Times:

Japan announced on Aug. 26 that it’s suspending the use of about 1.63 million doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine due to reports of contamination.

“It’s a substance that reacts to magnets … it could be metal,” a ministry official reportedly said, according to Nikkei Asia.

Nikkei Asia further reports:

Takeda Pharmaceutical handles distribution of the U.S.-developed Moderna vaccine in Japan.

Nasdaq-listed Moderna confirmed receiving “several complaints of particulate matter” in vaccine vials distributed in Japan but said it had found “no safety or efficacy issues” related to these reports.

You read that correctly. There’s some sort of magnetic, possibly metallic contamination in the vaccines, but the vaccine manufacturer claims there are “no safety or efficacy issues.”

What else are they going to say? That the vaccines are dosed up with graphene oxide which responds to magnets and external electromagnetic fields? That would give away the whole agenda if such a truth were acknowledged.

The message to Japanese health officials is clear: Stop looking at the vials! Just inject your people and do as you’re told!

BBC journalist List Shaw confirmed to have been killed by vaccine-induced clotting in the brain

We always knew that journalists who have been pimping for the vaccine industry would begin to be killed by those very same vaccines. It makes you wonder how anyone can even call themselves a “journalist” if they aren’t willing to ask questions of the vaccine establishment. By definition, you’re not really a journalist if you express blind faith in the very institutions you’re supposed to be keeping in check. Then again, today’s “news” industry has nothing to do with journalism. They’re mostly just the propaganda arm of Big Pharma and the CIA.

In the UK, BBC journalist Lisa Shaw is now confirmed to have been killed by blood clots caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine, confirms The Guardian (UK):

An award-winning BBC radio presenter died as a result of complications from the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, a coroner has concluded.

Lisa Shaw, who worked for BBC Radio Newcastle, died at the city’s Royal Victoria Infirmary in May, a little more than three weeks after her first dose of the vaccine developed by academics at the University of Oxford.

The inquest heard that Shaw, 44, had been admitted to hospital after doctors investigating her complaints of headaches found she had suffered a brain haemorrhage.

The reason people suffer headaches after taking these “clot shots” is because blood clots block the brain blood vessels that normally supply blood to the brain. Since the heart is still pumping, pressure builds up behind the blood clot. In some people, this results in a “blowout” of the blood vessel, or a “blood brain bleed” / brain hemorrhage. As The Guardian reports, “She was transferred to the Royal Victoria Infirmary where she received a number of treatments, including cutting away part of her skull to relieve the pressure on her brain, but despite those efforts she died on 21 May.”

I’m quite certain that “cutting away part of your skull” was never mentioned to Shaw as a possible side effects of taking the vaccine. How many vaccine recipients have undergone emergency brain surgery around the world? These reports are shockingly common, and it’s obvious why: The “clot shot” causes blood clots that block blood supply to the brain, heart, skin and other organs. This is also why covid vaccine shots are causing skin to die and rot off the faces and bodies of some people. This condition, also known as “whole body skin peeling,” is often misdiagnosed as a burn, so many of the vaccine victims whose skin is “rotting” off are never recorded as vaccine injuries.

Journalists who are nearly killed by vaccines keep promoting them… because they’re victims of Stockholm Syndrome

Some journalists who are not yet dead but injured by the vaccine somehow remain wholly brainwashed to keep pushing the vax propaganda. Yahoo Australia reports on a pro-vaccine journalist who obviously was almost killed by the vaccine, yet still somehow believes doctors when they tell him they hope his intense pain will fade away on its own. From that story:

“Nearing the end of the second week my heart started to race, I was getting pins and needles in the arms, extreme fatigue and a very strange sensation of dizziness,” he wrote.

“I took Nurofen, and I kept working.”

By the end of the third week after his vaccination though, Mr Hitchcock said he had gotten “steadily worse”.

“Sharp chest pain — cold shivers and chills — and the dizziness was intense,” he said.

“25 days after the shot and probably a little late to hospital — but here I am — diagnosed with pericarditis — or inflammation of the heart due to the Pfizer vaccine.”

… it’s going to take some time getting used to the constant pain – which they hope will eventually go away.

What’s interesting in all this is how there even appears to be self-censorship by this journalist, who appears to be a victim of Stockholm Syndrome where he remains loyal to the very people who are trying to kill him. That last sentence, “it’s going to take some time getting used to the constant pain – which they hope will eventually go away,” appears to have been removed from his Instagram post. Perhaps he was threatened with being fired if he admitted the vaccine is causing “constant pain.”

Over the next year we’re going to see a WAVE OF DEATHS among journalists, doctors and pharmacists who all pushed the vaccine with deliberate lies

What’s worth noting in all this is that vaccine deaths and injuries among journalists, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, bureaucrats and others who pushed vaccines are going to skyrocket over the next few months. With fully-vaccinated people now 13 times more likely to be injured, hospitalized or killed by the “Delta” variant compared to those with natural immunity, it’s not difficult to do the math on all this: The coming wave of deaths will be among the vaccinated themselves, many of whom were also propagandists for the vaccine industry (Karma sure is a bitch.)

This doesn’t even consider the Antibody Dependent Enhancement effect that many health experts predict will kick in during the coming winter flu season. If that phenomenon takes hold, we could see literally millions of post-vaccine deaths over the next 1-3 years, most likely taking place during traditional flu seasons.

A lot of mainstream journalists, you see — both conservative and leftist — are not merely unethical enough to push poisons onto other people; they’re also stupid enough to take those poisons themselves (while the informed globalists are taking saline injections because they’re not fools). The result is simple cause and effect: If you inject yourself with a toxic biological weapon that causes systemic blood clotting, you should not be surprised to discover that your body is filled with blood clots. Nor should you be surprised to plummet to the ground if you step off a tall building, since media propaganda — now matter how intense — still can’t change the laws of physics (or biochemistry).

Those who push the poison will die by the poison.

For those propagandists who pushed vaccines and ended up killing themselves, their lies won’t be missed, and they are instantly replaceable anyway since they mostly just read teleprompter scripts authored by the CIA and Big Pharma lobbyists. It’s not just that they’re dead, it’s that their entire lives were dedicated to harming others and making sure no one had access to the truth about vaccines, nutrition, vitamin D, Ivermectin and so on.

Get full details on all this in today’s Situation Update podcast, which pulls no punches reporting the truth about all this

Journalists start DYING from the same “vaccines” they’ve been pushing

We have turned the corner on the vaccine debate. The Pfizer vaccine is rapidly failing, and now most infections, hospitalizations and deaths are occurring among the “fully vaccinated.” Journalists who promoted vaccines are literally dying from those same vaccines, and a bombshell new study reveals that natural immunity offers approximately 13 times better protection against the “Delta” variant than vaccine-induced immunity

From the British Medical Journal, no less.

Significant proportions of people admitted to hospital, or dying from covid-19 in England are vaccinated—this doesn’t mean the vaccines don’t work

More vaccinated people are dying of the delta variant of covid than unvaccinated people, according to a recent report from Public Health England. The report shows that 489 of 742 people (65.9%) who died of the delta variant within 28 days of a positive covid test between 1 February 2021 and 2 August 2021, had received at least one dose of the vaccine. 54.1% (402 of 742) had received both doses. This seems like an alarming set of statistics, but with an imperfect vaccine and high vaccination coverage, it is exactly what we would expect.

Here’s a simple thought experiment: imagine everyone is now fully protected with covid vaccines—which are excellent, but not 100% effective at preventing death. Some people who get infected with covid will still die, although far fewer than without vaccinations. With complete vaccination coverage all of these people will be fully vaccinated—100%. That doesn’t mean vaccines aren’t effective at reducing death—the overall number of people dying from covid will have been reduced dramatically.

The risk of dying from covid doubles roughly every seven years older a patient is. The 35-year difference between a 45-year-old and a 80-year-old means the risk of death between the two patients has doubled five times—equivalently it has increased by a factor of 32. An unvaccinated 70-year-old might be 32 times more likely to die of covid than an unvaccinated 35-year-old. This dramatic variation of the risk profile with age means that even excellent vaccines don’t reduce the risk of death for older people to below the risk for some younger demographics.

Data from Public Health England suggest that being double vaccinated reduces the risk of hospital admission with the now-dominant delta variant by around 96%. Even conservatively assuming the vaccines are no more effective at preventing death than hospital admission (actually, they are likely to be more effective at preventing death) this means the risk of death for double vaccinated people has been cut to less than one-twentieth of the value for unvaccinated people with the same underlying risk profile.

However, the 20-fold decrease in risk afforded by the vaccine isn’t enough to offset the 32-fold increase in underlying risk of death of a 80-year-old compared to a 45-year-old. Given the same risk of infection, we would still expect to see a higher proportion of double-vaccinated 80-year-olds die from covid than unvaccinated 40-year-olds. There are caveats to that simple calculation. The risk of infection is not the same for all age groups. Currently, infection rates are higher in the young and lower in older age groups.

However, given the UK’s vaccination strategy (vaccinate older, more vulnerable people first) and uptake profile (higher uptake in older groups), you would expect high proportions of the people who die from covid to have been vaccinated. And that is exactly what we see in the data.

A similar sort of story holds true when it comes to hospital admissions. Imagine a hypothetical population of 1000 people who would have been admitted to hospital with covid before the vaccines were available. At the time of writing, vaccine coverage among adults in the UK (at least one dose) is around 90%, so 900 of our 1000 potential hospital patients are vaccinated. The remaining 100 unvaccinated people would still end up in hospital. If the vaccine is 96% effective against hospital admission with delta (this figure is for two doses, but let’s assume it holds for anyone vaccinated for simplicity) then 4% of our 900—or 36—vaccinated individuals will join the unvaccinated in hospital. 36 of the 136 (26%) people who end up in hospital will have been vaccinated. Again, this doesn’t mean the vaccines don’t work. If they had no effect, then we would expect all 1000 individuals to be hospitalised — 90% of them vaccinated. Vaccination has, in fact, meant that the overall number of hospitalisations has fallen dramatically from 1000 to 136. Of course, even with highly effective vaccines, such a high uptake rate means a significant proportion of hospitalised patients will have been vaccinated. That proportion will only get higher, the higher the uptake rate becomes.

Seatbelts help to prevent serious injury and death on the roads, but they are not perfect. 27% of car occupants who died on Britain’s roads in 2017 were not wearing seatbelts, despite the fact that around 95% of all car occupants in Britain wear seatbelts. This means that the 5% of people who don’t wear seatbelts account for over a quarter of the deaths. A disproportionately high number. If seatbelts didn’t do anything then we would expect to see only 5% of the deaths to come from the 5% non-seatbelt wearers. In fact, it is much higher, illustrating how dangerous it is not to wear a seatbelt. The parallels with the protective effect of vaccination are powerful.

The fact that more vaccinated people are dying than unvaccinated people, or that a higher proportion of people in hospital with covid have been vaccinated than we might expect, does nothing to undermine vaccine safety or effectiveness. In fact, it’s exactly what we’d expect from the excellent vaccines that have already saved hundreds of thousands of lives around the world.

Kit Yates, Senior Lecturer, University of Bath, UK.

Twitter: @Kit_Yates_Maths

Competing interests: none declared.

Comirnaty CV19 Vax Approval Actually Fraudulent – Chris Martenson


Australia: “covid fugitive” (read: man with a cold) arrested

Self-Assembling Graphene Oxide Nanotech Now Found Also in Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine: German Video Reveals Self-Assembling Specks and Crystalline Networks Forming

In corroboration of the Moderna vaccine findings under a microscope reported by American medical researchers here, a video with German subtitles exposing drops of the Pfizer vaccine under a microscope has surfaced online, posted at several channels on Telegram and at Youtube on August 10, 2021, showing an astounding congregation of tiny specks of luminous particulate matter moving and forming networks with each other, then bursting forth into networks of crystallizing and branching antenna-like structures.


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. warns America: “We all need to resist” vaccine tyranny… the time has come!

How About That…Double-Vaccinated Is Becoming The New Unvaccinated

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