Covid news – 29 June, 2022

Covid news – 29 June, 2022

Fauci Suffers “Much Worse” COVID Symptoms After ‘Paxlovid Rebound’

Fully-vaxx’d and double-boosted mask-admirer Anthony Fauci is suffering.

Two weeks ago, we reported that President Biden’s chief medical adviser had COVID.

Anthony Fauci says that he’s experienced rebound Covid symptoms after taking a Pfizer’s antiviral Paxlovid – which studies now show is NOT effective for people who are vaccinated

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci said that he’s on his second course of Paxlovid after testing positive again for Covid-19
  • According to Pfizer’s own data, the drug is limited in its abilities to fight Covid-19 in a vaccinated person 
  • The CDC issued a warning about the potential for Covid-19 rebound symptoms after taking Paxlovid in May 2022 
  • The warning noted that none of the reported rebound cases saw patients suffer a severe case of Covid-19, though Fauci described his symptoms as ‘much worse’
  • A UC San Diego study found that patients who were experiencing Covid rebound symptoms suffered because Paxlovid did not get to enough infected cells
  • At the same conference where he announced the rebound, Fauci called for an ‘aggressive’ national vaccine campaign 

Anthony Fauci Suffers Paxlovid Rebound in Second Virus Humiliation This Month

America’s foremost Corona astrologer is now on his “second course of treatment”

Back in 16 June, when news emerged that the double-masking quadruple-vaccinated Anthony Fauci had tested positive for SARS-2, valued commenter Michael DAmbrosio made a small wish:


The moral arc of the universe may be long, but in the end it bends towards the humiliation of fatuous bureaucratic losers.

UPDATE: American news often breaks while I’m still asleep, so forgive me for catching up. Fauci reports that he “tested negative for the virus three days in a row” (lol I told you he tests himself daily) before coming up positive on the fourth day. He reports that his rebound symptoms are “much worse” than before.

Former White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, Dr Deborah Birx, Shaking and Stammering, Says She Doesn’t Know If Government Was Lying About the Jabs

Omicron BA.5 Prefers Hypervaccinated Masking West Germans, Avoids the Former DDR

Vaccine failure in one map

Behold the latest map of 7-day Corona incidence across the Federal Republic of Germany:

This is the Omicron BA.5 wave in central Europe, and it is attended by a curious phenomenon: Every day, you can see more clearly the borders of the old DDR in the district-level data. I’ve traced these in green just to make the phenomenon clearer.

Yes yes, there are systematic demographic differences between East and West Germans, and there are probably some differences in testing rates, but above all, there is an important difference in vaccine uptake. In this map of triple vaccination rates across my country, the old DDR borders are also evident:

East Germans have direct experience with government propaganda, and have proven more resistent to the vaccination campaign than Westerners. Their reward, after being much maligned by state media, is now higher levels of natural immunity and lower rates of BA.5 infection, which appears to prefer vaccinated populations.

As the effects of vaccine failure grow clearer, you have to wonder how long the pandemicists will be able to publish even simple infection statistics, without raising extremely awkward questions.

SARS-2 Didn’t Care About DDR Borders Until the Vaccines

A brief historical look at Corona incidences in Germany

Baby Denied Heart Transplant Due To Vaccine Status: Medical Complex Sentences Baby To Death

Why are we still giving boosters with same antigen? (Geert Vanden Bossche & Bret Weinstein)

23% Drop in Birth Rate in Taiwan

According to a Taiwan government report, the birth rate dropped by 23.24% in May 2022, compared to May 2021.

I inputted historical birth rate data from Macrotrends for the years 2009-2021, and added the year 2022 as year 2021 adjusted down by 23.24%. Obviously, 2022 is not over and the number of Taiwanese babies to be born this year (or during the next 12 months) is unknown. So the chart below is an illustration of what would happen in the next 12 months if the 23.24% drop stays constant.

When expressed in “sigmas”, units of standard deviation, the 23.24% drop in the birth rate in Taiwan is a 26-sigma event!

A slight rise in case numbers over the past week could be the first signs of a BA.5 wave beginning, Dr David Welch says.
Tamariki aged 5 to 11 are able to get a kids’ version of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, to help protect them against the virus.

The BA.5 variant of Omicron is starting to “snowball” and Covid-19 case numbers could be starting to rise as a result.

The Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR), with the backing of some scientists, now expects the BA.5 variant to overtake BA.2 as the dominant strain of Covid in Aotearoa by the end of July.

Models suggest BA.5 could account for more than half of daily infections in as little as two weeks.

Dr David Welch, a senior lecturer and Covid-19 modeller at the University of Auckland, said he believed a slight bump in national case numbers over the past few days could even be the beginning of a BA.5 wave.

* Pfizer says tweaked Covid-19 vaccine boosts Omicron protection
Covid-19 Australia: Reinfection warning in NSW as Omicron strain BA.5 becomes dominant
Covid-19: What symptoms to look for with new Omicron subvariants in the community

Welch said that for the past month, the prevalence of BA.5 in sequenced cases had effectively been doubling every week and the past week’s sequencing had found the BA.5 variant in 10% to 20% of cases.

If that trend held, then BA.5 could hit 50% as early as the middle of July.

BA.2 would then effectively disappear in the next few months as BA.5 and others outcompeted it, Welch said.

Dan Andrews laments ‘huge dilemma’ about whether to mandate a fourth shot of the Covid vaccine or wait for a better jab that could arrive soon

  • Daniel Andrews says health professionals face a dilemma over a fourth vaccine
  • ATAGI is deciding whether to delay a fourth shot as a new vaccine emerges
  • The premier has pushed for a fourth dose to be mandated for health workers 

Daniel Andrews says a ‘real dilemma’ faces top doctors over whether to delay a fourth Covid vaccine dose for health workers and the general public.

The Victorian premier has pushed for a fourth shot to be mandated for health staff to reduce the potential spread of Omicron in the sector.

But Australia’s expert immunisation panel may be delaying their recommendation to give citizens a fourth dose until a new vaccine that targets Omicron sub-variants becomes available. 

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