Critical month: Russians take up arms nationwide – Russian public television speaks of a nuclear strike – Ukraine calls for reserves!

Critical month: Russians take up arms nationwide – Russian public television speaks of a nuclear strike – Ukraine calls for reserves!

First strike ready for Russian “nuclear Trinity”

Article writer: Vassilis Kapoulas

Warnews 24/7,

5 April, 2021


For the first time since the dissolution of the USSR, Russian Defense Minister S. Shoigu has put the Russian war machine on a “red alert” nationwide until the end of April.

Russia simulates a pan-European or even world war on the occasion of its involvement in Ukraine, raising even its nuclear “Trinity” on war alert.

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The nuclear “Trinity” with the entire Russian Army on standby by the end of April

Thus, strategic bombers carrying nuclear missiles, intercontinental nuclear missiles, submarines were ordered to be placed on a nuclear alert state as provided by Russian military doctrine.

This means a first nuclear strike and the possibility of a second counterattack in the event of NATO involvement.

By the end of the month, a total of 4,048 exercises of various levels will be held, including 812 bilateral exercises in 101 training centers and 520 facilities of the Russian Armed Forces.

The Russians are running scenarios of a world confrontation with NATO. The exercises will involve 30,000 paratroopers, ie all the force that has been transferred to Crimea and the border with Ukraine.

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War readiness concerns the whole of Russia: All Military Regions, the Northern Fleet, the Far East, the Kuril Islands and Kamchatka.

The strange thing about the Russian military mobilization is the “nationwide level” and the nuclear mobilization. Until now, such exercises were held per Military District. This is no longer the case now.

Russian Public Television: Nuclear Strike to Comply with NATO!

However, in a frightening public report, Russian public television “Russia 1” spoke of a nuclear strike. They said about:

“If there is a possible escalation in Ukraine, then a nuclear strike is on the agenda. “This will make Americans afraid and we will do whatever we want.”

Watch the video

Ukraine calls for reserves

Ukraine has just officially begun calling for reserves.

According to information from Kiev, about 100,000 reservists are on the mobilization lists in a total of 25 territorial Defense Brigades under the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

Ukrainian military espionage has reported what WarNews247 has recently revealed: Russia is transferring forces from all its military regions, Central, Western and Eastern.

At the same time, the Ukrainian president revealed that 28 Ukrainians have been killed since July, 10 in the last days and 3 in the last 24 hours!

One Ukrainian soldier was reportedly killed by a mortar and the other by a landmine.

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Americans are worried now

The Americans have been worried for 48 hours and they are showing it.

“We will continue to observe Russian forces concentrated along the border with Ukraine, especially in Crimea and in the southeast.

The intention of the Russians is not clear to us. “This is something to worry about,” said a Pentagon spokesman.

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Finally the talks with the Minsk Group

The Ukrainian delegation participating in the Tripartite Contact Group is withdrawing.

The group will no longer participate in and travel to Minsk for peace talks in Donbas.

This fact was confirmed by Ukrainian Olexiy Reznikov, Deputy Prime Minister.

Everything is heading for conflict…


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