Dana Coverstone’s predictive dreams

Dana Coverstone’s predictive dreams

 I find predictive dreams fascinating. You will see that part of what pastor Dana Coverstone saw in his dreams has already come to pass. Up to you how much of this you want to take on.

Coming to America…and what 

to do in the face of it.

Compiled Dreams and Visions pertaining to future of America. I would never claim dates/times but these events are ABSOLUTELY being seen simultaneously via dreams and visions all over America. God does nothing without warning His servants the prophets. I felt led to have his back and show you others that have been shown the same things as well as where it can be found in scripture. Dana’s First “Part Two” dream 


 Dana’s October Dream Re: Civil War and more


 Dana’s November – more details Dream


. Dana’s December/January Dream 


Dreams of tsunami 


FEMA Camp Dreams 


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