Dane Wigington on weather warfare in Texas

Dane Wigington on weather warfare in Texas

I commented a few days ago about Dane Wigington’s comments about the Texas storm event being an artificially ice-nucleated storm that was spawned in the Gulf of Mexico.

I still maintain he does not fully understand the mechanism of the jet stream and the melting Arctic. Dane still maintains that all weather events are geoengineered to suppress the news about the collapsing ecosystem.

Correct, in. part, I still maintain.

It is hard for me to argue against evidence of chemicals in the snow and snow that catches on fire and goes quickly from solid to gas without passing through the liquid stage.

 Weather Warfare in Texas – Snow That Doesn’t Melt – Dane Wigington

Watchthe video HERE

Or here

People are observing very strange phenomena.  Here are just two recent examples.



Here is Dane’s report from yesterday.

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